"If Veratil's security people had grabbed us…believe me, pal, those t'landa Til don't mess around. If they'd caught us, we'd be in deep humbaba manure, my friend."
Han Solo[src]

The humbaba was a bovine animal native to a number of forest worlds, such as Corellia, Talus and Kashoon. Aarwynn was a notable mythological humbaba. Covered in dense fur, they were natural burrowers, making the soft swamp lands of their homeworlds an ideal habitat.

With four known sub-species the humbaba of Kashoon were short-legged, long-trunked creatures while the humbaba of Corellia and Talus were tall and similar in appearance to the falumpaset.

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A humbaba as portrayed by West End Games

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