The HummBike was a model of speeder bike that was manufactured by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk, who employed the vehicles as scouting units prior to and during the Clone Wars and then the Galactic Civil War. Since Wookiees, due to their large size and bulk could not comfortably ride most models of speeder bike designed for other species of humanoids, they developed their own, more comfortably proportioned vehicles to suit the needs of motorized infantry scouts. It was different from other speeder bikes in that the rider was seated in a reclined pilot's chair that was offset from the fuselage of the speeder bike. The bike's throttle was controlled by a lever to the rider's left, and directional controls and weapons were operated by the rider's right hand. The HummBike was armed with a weak, slow-firing blaster mounted on the forward maneuvering vane as a last-ditch defense. However, like all speeder bikes, the HummBike's almost nonexistent armor and weak weaponry made it ineffective in sustained combat. The bike's speed and maneuverability allowed riders to easily evade enemies, however, and this was typically the first course of action taken by riders.


The HummBike uses basic tech in all speeders bikes and swoops.


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