"You my advocate?"
"No. I'm Captain Hunor. I'm here to discuss options with you."
―Grunel Ovin, to Hunor[src]

Hunor was a Falleen male who served as Captain of the Galactic Alliance CC-7700 frigate Fireborn and supported the Imperial-Alliance conspiracy.


In 44 ABY, a male Klatooinian freedom fighter named Grunel Ovin was arrested by the Galactic Alliance and was escorted to the planet Coruscant onboard the CC-7700 frigate Fireborn. Captain Hunor visited Ovin's cell and propositioned the Klatooinian with his own death in exchange for martyrdom. After Grunel recorded a barbed message to Chief of State Natasi Daala and the expanse of the HoloNet, Hunor was able to survive the destruction and issued a distress signal transmitter while he left the Fireborn. When the cospiracy fell apart, Hunor was one of the cospirators that were captured and eliminated by General Borath Maddeus.

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