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"It's getting old, kid… every time we finish a gig, we have to hit hyperspace to avoid those two clones."
―Janus Kasmir, to Caleb Dume[8]

During the Great Jedi Purge, Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume was hunted by the newly formed Galactic Empire as a fugitive.[2] In particular, he was pursued by his former comrades in arms[8] Clone Captain[4] CC-10/994 "Grey" and Clone Captain "Styles." Having joined with smuggler Janus Kasmir, Dume managed to stay one step ahead of the clone trooper officers until their journey to the planet Lahn, where they were to meet with former Separatist General Kleeve. After Dume was captured[8] and about to be executed in the Kaller system, as Styles hoped to savor the death of Dume instead of simply killing him on Lahn, he was rescued by his allies. He had also managed to break through to Grey, who,[6] instead of obeying his behavioral modification biochip,[4] managed to sacrifice himself by destroying their own Gozanti-class cruiser to save Dume. With Grey and Styles dead, Dume parted ways with Kasmir and Kleeve, changing his name to "Kanan Jarrus" to move on from his past.[6]

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