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During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Sith Lord Darth Baras dispatched his apprentice on a galaxy-wide hunt for the Jedi Padawan of Nomen Karr, Jaesa Willsaam, in order to end the threat her Force powers posed to Baras' spy network.

History[edit | edit source]

A threat revealed[edit | edit source]

A gift from Darth Baras.

While operating on Dromund Kaas, Baras was able to have a Republic spy, Grik Sonosan, captured after learning he was trailing one of his invisible agents on Nar Shaddaa. Through an ancient torture and interrogation device known as the Ravager, which had been retrieved by the Warrior, Baras was able to glean that a new Republic threat had risen to challenge his interests. One of Baras' oldest enemies, Jedi Master Nomen Karr, had been training a Padawan with the unique ability to discern one's true nature with but a glance.

Fearing that his extensive spy network could be compromised by the Padawan's unique talent, Darth Baras sent the Warrior out into the galaxy to track down and destroy the threat. To this end, the Baras provided the Warrior with a pair of lavish gifts: a protocol droid designated 2V-R8 and a Fury-class Imperial interceptor. Once acquainted with the ship, Baras called via hologram and explained that the Warrior's first mission is to first eliminate his exposed spies.

Hunting a Jedi[edit | edit source]

The Warrior's first stop was at war-torn Balmorra. Balmorra had played a significant role in the Great Galactic War as both the location of military manufacturing plants and its close proximity to the Core Worlds, but had been abandoned by the Republic military a decade prior due to the terms of the Treaty of Coruscant. Despite this, the planet still offered stiff resistance to the encroachment of the Sith Empire's forces; one of the many hurdles that the Warrior had to overcome during the mission there.

Baras' spy, Commander Rylon, was embedded amongst the Balmorran resistance and Karr had sent an investigator to expose him. Working with Lieutenant Malavai Quinn, the Warrior worked to cover Rylon's tracks, including silencing his son Durmat, who easily confessed to his father's true allegiance while imprisoned. The Warrior then went to confront Rylon at the Balmorran Arms Factory and had to fight him to make his death seem convincing. Quinn then warned the Warrior that the investigator is a Jedi Knight, who had recorded the conversation between the Warrior and Rylon and was headed for the Sobrik spaceport. Upon confronting the Jedi, Mashallon, who boasted that she has transmitted the proof to the Jedi Council. She further boasted that her purity in the light side of the Force makes her better than the Warrior's strength in the dark side. The Warrior didn't practically care for her emotionless dribble and engaged her in a lightsaber duel. Seriously wounded, Mashallon offered no resistance, believing that she had at least served the greater good. Just then, Quinn arrived with a squad of Imperial troopers, revealing that he had intercepted her transmission, thereby keeping the Jedi in the dark. The Warrior then executed her.

The Warrior later met with Quinn in his office in Sobrik, to report to Baras. The Warrior also gave credit to Quinn for his assistance in the mission, so Baras promoted him to Captain and a posting of his choosing. Quinn chose to serve with the Warrior.

After Balmorra, the Warrior was joined by Captain Malavai Quinn.

The Warrior's next mission was on the notorious Huttese moon of Nar Shaddaa. Though forced to contend with and become involved in many of the criminal underworld's intrigues, the Warrior's mission was simply to plug an information leak by executing one of Darth Baras' former agents— who had betrayed Baras by defecting to a rival Sith Lord, Rathari.

After completing the mission on Nar Shaddaa, Baras warned his apprentice that a Republic listening outpost had been tracking his ship since the beginning of his missions. The Warrior diverted from the primary mission and quickly laid waste to the listening post, destroying important parts of its mechanisms. Arriving in the command center, the Warrior came face-to-face with Nomen Karr, who was monitoring the station via hologram. Karr stated that he was aware of Baras acquiring a new apprentice, so he set up this listening post. He pleaded for the lives of the technicians before them, stating that they were only following orders. The Warrior refused and slaughtered them all. This excessive display horrified Karr, as the Warrior continued to mock him. Karr then boasted that the Warrior is unaware of what he had planned, only for the Warrior to reveal that they know of his Padawan. Surprised at this, Karr regained his composure and declared he would keep his Padawan safe from the taint of the Sith, even as the Warrior promised to "have her skull as a trophy." Karr then summoned a squad of Republic troops, claiming them to be the Republic's finest and urged the Warrior to surrender. The Warrior refused and killed them. Karr then closed the transmission, stating that he has valuable insight on how to defeat the Warrior for their eventual confrontation.

With the ship's tracks covered, the Warrior then proceeded on to Tatooine in order to destroy many of the mysterious Padawan's personal connections. By sending the Warrior on this mission, Baras hoped that he could use the Warrior to draw out and destroy their prey. However, the Warrior suggested turning the Padawan to the dark side. Baras could not deny the thought, but warned that the Padawan is still dangerous and seduction to the dark side should be left to masters.

Upon landing Tatooine, Baras explained that the target is Master Yonlach, who brought the Padawan's powers into expression. The Warrior then met with Baras' contact, Sharack Breev, who helped the Warrior retrace the Padawan's trials throughout the planet, which included facing a Sand demon.

While tracking the Padawan, the Warrior arrived at an oasis in the desert. Here the Warrior was confronted by a reflection of the light side, claiming to be his true potential. The reflection attempted to convince the Warrior to abandon the dark side and embrace the light. The Warrior refused and dueled with the reflection. Prevailing, the reflection then started spouting dark side energy and merged with the Warrior. The image then revealed to him the location of the Yonlach's hut in the Dune Sea. However, Sharack stated apprehension, as the Dune Sea go beyond the Forbidden Pass, where no one has ever returned from.

The Warrior eventually found Yonlach's hut in the middle of the desert. Yonlach's bodyguard, Yul-Li, urged his Master to retreat to safety while he engaged the Sith, but Yonlach restrained him. Yonlach reveals that he has been remotely watching the Warrior's progress and is disgusted by the Sith's perversion of the journey of enlightenment. He also knows that the Warrior seek Karr's Padawan, so he warned her via their psychic link to remain in hiding. He demanded that the Warrior turn back, claiming that he would not prevail against two Jedi, but the Warrior refused. But before engaging, Yonlach rendered the Warrior's companion unconscious to uneven the odds. Despite being outnumbered, the Warrior managed to hold the two Jedi off and bested them. In desperation, Yul-Li gave the Padawan's identity: Jaesa Willsaam. But before he could reveal more, Yonlach wiped all memory of Jaesa from his mind. He refused to give out any more information, stating that Jaesa would lead the Jedi to greatness if untouched by the likes of the Sith. Yonlach offered no further resistance, stating that when he is struck down, Jaesa will feel how calm he is in the face of death. The Warrior obliged him, but decided to make the experience painful and struck the aging Jedi Master down.

Having learned the Padawan's identity, the warrior then traveled to her homeworld of Alderaan, which was itself embroiled in a civil war between the Republic-backed House of Organa and the Empire-backed House of Thul. There, the warrior set about various tasks to aid the Empire's ally and became involved in a number of House Thul's conflicts with various Alderaanian noble houses.

In the course of the mission, the warrior learned that, apparently, Willsaam had been discovered as a Force-sensitive while acting as a servant girl to Lady Renata Alde of House Alde. After cleaving a path through Alde territory and murdering her personal bodyguard, Lady Renata confessed that Willsaam had actually been handmaiden to Gesselle Organa, before being taken into custody by Thul forces.

The warrior, with ally Duke Kendoh Thul then set about the difficult task of assaulting the Organa position. Gesselle Organa and her forces were protected by a tremendously powerful force field, which was powered by siphoning off power directly from Alderaan's planetary generator. With the aid of Thul forces, the warrior set out to sabotage the generator to force it into backup mode—cutting off any excess power drains, thereby deactivating the Organa force field.

After sabotaging the planetary generator, the Warrior successfully cleaved a path into the Organa encampment, slaying numerous soldiers before confronting General Gesselle herself. By torturing her personal guards, one of whom was revealed to be her lover, the Warrior was able extract the information he desired from Organa. She revealed that Jaesa Willsaam's parents were still servants at Castle Organa. The Warrior then executed General Gesselle and her bodyguards for defying the Empire.

Continuing the relentless assault, the Warrior fought through Castle Organa's many soldiers and guards to find Willsaam's parents, only to discover them guarded by the Jedi Volryder. The Warrior shocked Volryder by Force choking the older couple to death, and then quickly slayed the Jedi in single combat.

While reporting the mission's success to Darth Baras, the Warrior learned that Duke Kendoh had turned on his Sith ally, telling Baras lies in order to advance his own position as an Imperial ally. While confronting and executing Kendoh for his treachery, Kendoh's bodyguard and fellow Sith FimmRess stood by and allowed vengeance to take its course.

Confrontations[edit | edit source]

Jaesa Willsaam, the Warrior's new apprentice.

Having murdered Willsaam's parents, the Warrior was surprised to find a holomessage from the young Padawan waiting to be viewed. As Darth Baras had planned, she had felt the death of her parents through the Force and was grieving for their loss. Without her master's knowledge, she arranged a meeting between herself and the Warrior aboard her ship in the Outer Rim.

Instead of finding Willsaam or any crew, the Warrior found just two Jedi Knights aboard the ship. They revealed that their master, Nomen Karr, had learned of Willsaam's plan and sent Ulldin and Zylixx instead—to kill the Warrior. The Knights engaged the Wrath, but the two were quickly defeated. Zylixx was nearly close to the dark side when the warrior immediately slays him while Ulldin was badly injured. As the Wrath was ready to kill him, Ulldin was ready to die and become one with the Force.

The Warrior contacted Baras upon returning to the ship to report in, but was given far more surprising news by Baras than the news of being ambushed by a pair of Jedi. Nomen Karr had finally succumbed to Darth Baras' machinations, and sought to arrange a duel between Jedi Master and Sith Lord on Hutta to finally resolve their dispute. But not to be drawn into what might have been a trap himself, Baras sent the Warrior to the duel in his stead. With both youth and strong martial skills to rely upon, Baras was confident in the Warrior's ability to defeat his old rival.

The Warrior traveled to Hutta, and from the spaceport to the site of the arranged duel. Though it was not a trap for Baras, and nor was Karr surprised that Baras hadn't come himself, the Warrior and the Jedi Master dueled nonetheless. Still seeking to draw out Willsaam, the Warrior goaded and taunted Karr throughout the fight until Karr finally embraced the dark side. Ultimately however, Karr proved to be no match for the combat prowess of the Warrior and was defeated.

After a period of torturing the newly-Dark Jedi, Willsaam arrived to resolve the conflict permanently. Upon seeing her Master defeated, tortured, and twisted by the dark side, she engaged the Warrior with her double-bladed lightsaber in a duel of their own. The strength and combat prowess of the Warrior quickly defeated her as well. After she had acknowledged the power of the dark side over the light side the Warrior took her on as an apprentice.

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