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In 19 ABY, the crew of the smuggling starship Wild Karrde embarked on a hunt for Jorj Car'das, whom they believed possessed a complete copy of the elusive Caamas Document. The New Republic was in the midst of a crisis regarding the document—a partial copy had been found that implicated members of the Bothan species in the destruction of Caamas thirty-eight years prior, and anti-Bothan sentiment was strong throughout the galaxy. A complete copy would name specific names and vindicate the species as a whole, and the information broker Talon Karrde agreed to track down his former boss, Jorj Car'das, in an effort to stem the crisis.

With Karrde and his crew were the former Mistryl Shadow Guard Shada D'ukal and the protocol droid C-3PO. The vessel traveled deep into the Kathol sector and were finally able to locate Car'das with the help of Car'das's aide, Entoo Needaan E-elz. On the fabled world of Exocron, Karrde was disappointed to find that Car'das was a feeble and senile old man, but he pledged the Wild Karrde to the defense of the world when the forces of the pirate Rei'Kas attacked. The pirate fleet was wiped out by the mysterious Aing-Tii monks, however, who were aligned with Car'das—Karrde discovered that his former boss's senility had been a ruse, and Car'das welcomed Karrde, D'ukal, and C-3PO into his fortress.

Although Car'das did not have a copy of the Caamas Document, he did have a datacard that would greatly aid the New Republic. Not long before Karrde had set out on the hunt, the long-dead Grand Admiral Thrawn had returned to lead the Imperial Remnant in a renewed push against the New Republic, but Car'das's datacard revealed that "Thrawn" was in fact a con artist named Flim. The Aing-Tii monks used their ability to fold space with the Force and instantaneously transported the Wild Karrde across the galaxy to Yaga Minor, where Karrde met with the Remnant's Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, who himself had been left out of the coup involving Flim and in fact wanted peace with the New Republic.

The Sinister Triumvirate, of which Flim had been a part, was foiled, and a battle that had been taking place at Yaga Minor was averted. Meanwhile, C-3PO's counterpart R2-D2 had found a complete copy of the Caamas Document on the planet Nirauan, and the galactic crisis wound down. With the Imperial Remnant firmly back under his control, Pellaeon signed peace accords with the New Republic's President Gavrisom, and the long-running Galactic Civil War was brought to an end.



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