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During the Galactic Civil War, New Republic General Hera Syndulla tasked Alphabet Squadron with hunting down and destroying Shadow Wing, a lethal force of TIE fighters. The Barma Battle Group, led by the Deliverance had multiple engagements with Shadow Wing and was able to keep finding the Imperial Fleet due to Yrica Quell installing a device that sent out transmission.[2]

After the devastating Campaign in the Cerberon system, Soran Keize contacted Grand Admiral Rae Sloane and formally pledged allegiance to her and the remnant of the Empire. Sloane's first assignment for Shadow Wing was the destruction of disloyal Imperial groups. The Yomo Council was targeted for refusing to redirect its forces to the D'Aelgoth sector and not acknowledging the Regent on Coruscant. Dybbron III, Kortatka, and Fedovoi End were all destroyed as a part of Operation: Cinder. Shadow Wing gained many recruits from these planets because they offered surrender before the planet was destroyed. Soran's speech transmission was picked up at Fedovoi End, and Hera's Fleet pursued.[2]

Sabotage of the Deliverance[]

The first engagement was between the two forces was at Fedovoi End. Kieze had anticipated the New Republic arriving at Fedovoi End and had deployed sabotage droids at that location to delay them. Almost immediately after the Deliverance exited hyperspace, its hull was ruptured by the droids. Nath Tensent barely made it out a room before the blast door closed because he had to throw Stornvein underneath the closing door. He met up with Wyl Lark and discussed a plan to flush out the droids. Meanwhile, the bridge was in panic as Hera coordinated with other officers. Commander Nisteen Arvad had gone missing which left the targeting crew without an officer as their other captain had been injured in a maintenance shaft. Hera ordered Stornvein to take command, but her comlink popped shortly after. Suddenly, Hera came upon Kairos, who had been injured after destroying three sabotage droids. Kairos refused to accept any medical assistance from Hera, but begrudgingly accepted the supplies to use on herself.[2]

Meanwhile, Wyl, Nath, T5 had spent almost an hour navigating to the breach controls. There, they discovered that there were no breath masks for them to use in the ruptured room. Wyl and T5 managed hold on in the room when the door opened, but Nath was thrown to the ground before he could get under the door. Wyl re-opened the door again, and barely mananged to grab Nath before he was flung into the vaccum. Both were severely injured and drained from this, but they had accomplished their mission of activating the breach field override. Most of the droids were flushed from compartments, and security teams moved to destroy the rest. Several dozen crew members had been killed by the droids, either by suffocating or by the droids themselves, and many more had been injured.[2]

Skirmish in the Ciaox Verith System[]

Soran Kieze contacted Grand Moff Randd, who ordered him to move to the Chadawa system to eliminate the rogue imperials there. Shadow Wing started preparing a few days before, and during a drill, was caught by the Barma Battle Group. The Imperials were caught completely off guard, but they had most of their fighters already launched. The Imperials launched a few shots at the Deliverance, which did nothing but bounce of its shields, and managed to retreat before the New Republic star fighters managed to arrive.[2]

Battle in the Red Yars System[]

The Deliverance spent almost a full day searching through the nearby systems, until it found the Yadeez in the Red Yars system through a comm burst. Chass na Chadic and Boyvech Toons were the only pilots to loose shots, but they were out of range. Shadow Wing jumped to hyperspace and had escaped again.[2]

Third Encounter with the Yadeez[]

The Third encounter with the Yadeez was the first deadly engagement. The Deliverance miraculously found Shadow Wing within a few hours and managed to successfully tractor-beam the freighter. The plan was for the fighters to defend the tractor-beam equipment. Despite not damaging their equipment with their weapons, one of the TIE's careened into the projector, killing three crew members and allowing Shadow Wing to escape.[2]

Fourth Encounter with the Yadeez[]

The Fourth encounter with the Yadeez was very similar to the third. The Republic managed to push the Imperials towards a planetoid in an unknown system. The fighting only lasted six minutes with two TIE's killed and only a minor injury to Genni Avremif: his ejector seat activated in the hangar as he was landing. Compared to the lack luster results in previous engagements, this battle was seen as a victory by the pilots of the New Republic.[2]

Battle in the Ghonoath System[]

The Battle in the Ghonoath System almost didn't happen, but Yrica Quell decided to send out another comm burst in the Ghonoath system, attracting Hera's fleet. Soran and Quell lead the defense, coordinating bombers to lay proton mines in the planet's fierce storms. These mines shredded two X-wings, and the New Republic responded by downing Garl Lykan, one of the flight commanders. Shadow Wing held a funeral for him, and Nord Kandende was promoted to his position.[2]

Skirmish in the G'Tep'Noi System[]

The next engagement between the two forces, the Skirmish in the G'Tep'Noi system, happened after hours of guessing and calculations from the Deliverance. The G'Tep'Noi system was buzzing with particles which made it very difficult to fly. Still, all New Republic fighters were launched. Wyl knew that if the Deliverance caught up to the Yadeez, then it would be over. The trick was catching the bulk freighter. Two TIE's swept in from either flank, but started firing on the asteroids instead of the fighters, disrupting their formation. Wyl pushed ahead to fire a concussion missile, but was stopped by Quell who's comm message shocked the whole fleet. The missile didn't hit the freighter's engines, and Shadow Wing escaped again.[2]

Battle at Chadawa[]

One of the largest engagements of the pursuit, the Battle at Chadawa was caused by Governor Bordanivaux decision to seperate Chadawa from Sloane's main Imperial force. Soran Kieze contacted Colonel Madrighast about rendezvousing with Sloane, but he claimed that his unit would be protecting Chadawa from the 204th. Chadawa was a unique planet, it had not been formed like most planets, but constructed by an ancient species billions of years ago. At "high tide" the planet's rings expelled massive amounts of radiation that made it impossible to fight in. Even at low tide, navigation and scanning was complicated. Chadawa had half a dozen ships protecting it, the largest being the Star Destroyer Unyielding, which they positioned inside the planet's rings. Soon fighters on all sides began to go down. However, Shadow Wing managed to push inside the rings. The New Republic was unable to get inside before the rings exploded.[2]

Shadow Wing was inside and started to probe Madrighast's defenses. The New Republic would cycle out one of its three squadrons to attack the Yadeez while the other two would patrol the system. Two of the Raider-class corvettse started deploying satellites to absorb radiation, then drop onto the planet. Meanwhile, Nath Tensent Wyl Lark, and others started broadcasting personal stories on open broadcast to mess with the TIE pilots. After many hours of prep, the New Republic launched its attack with Hail Squadron, Flare Squadron, and Wild Squadron. The A-wings and X-wings engaged first but suffered heavy losses. As the Y-Wings of hail squadron approached, Syndulla aborted the attack due to the particle count and incoming TIE's. Meanwhile Commander Broosh and Colonel Kieze were disucssing their plans. Broosh suggested a possible attack on the Star Destroyer, but Kieze knew that time was the only thing needed for the planet to fall. Suddenly, Lark challenged Kieze to a personal duel in the atmosphere. Kieze accepted. As they dueled, Tensent led another attack by Hail Squadron onto one of the Raiders. However, TIE's intercepted them and began slaughtering the Y-Wings. Two proton torpedoes hit the Raider, and only five of the Y-Wings escaped. The Y-Wings made an attack on the other Raider, but the Chadawan Imperial Star Destroyer arrived and began decimating both Shadow wing and Hail Squadron. Kieze recieved a message that Quell had returned, as well as the situation with the Raiders, and decided to end the duel. Wyl was shot down over one of Chadawan's moons.[2]

Both Destroyers began to move towards the freighter, but Kieze was starting to retreat as Quell's ship returned. The Deliverance was trapped in between the Chadawans and the Yadeez. Both destroyers began firing on each other. They circled each other until the Unyielding's shields dropped and its hull was ripped apart. Madrighast let loose a final ramming cry, but full power on weapons tore through the ship and killed the entire crew. The Yadeez and its escorts retreated the system.[2]


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