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"You may think you have some idea of what you are in possession of, but you do not."
―Gideon, to the Mandalorian[src]

During the time of the New Republic, a remnant of the fallen Galactic Empire led by Moff Gideon launched a hunt to acquire a mysterious Force-sensitive alien youngling known only as "the Child" in the Outer Rim Territories, far from the Republic's authority. Initially, the Imperial remnant used the Bounty Hunters' Guild to hire bounty hunters to capture the Child, but Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin instead decided to protect the Child from the Imperials after capturing it.

Djarin fled Nevarro, where he resided with an underground Mandalorian tribe and was hired by "the Client," but was pursued across the galaxy by bounty hunters who sought to collect the bounty on the Child. Guild agent Greef Karga allied with Djarin after the Imperial remnant took over Nevarro's town and agreed to clear their names if they helped drive out the Imperials. Djarin and Karga, along with allies Carasynthia Dune, Kuiil, and IG-11, defeated Moff Gideon and his escort, though Kuiil was killed and IG-11 destroyed while Djarin's tribe was wiped out by the Imperials. A sole survivor on Nevarro, "the Armorer," quested Djarin with protecting the Child as its father until he could find its people and reunite it with them, whom they believed to be the Jedi. Djarin left Nevarro on his starship Razor Crest, though Gideon survived his defeat and escaped his crashed Outland TIE fighter with the Darksaber.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Targeting an asset[edit | edit source]

In 5 ABY,[16] the Galactic Empire collapsed, though fractured Imperial remnants led by warlords and made up of mercenary[13] remnant stormtroopers[17] remained.[18] One such remnant was led by Moff Gideon[14] who established a presence on Nevarro,[1] a planet[15] in the Outer Rim Territories,[19] by 9 ABY.[12] The Bounty Hunters' Guild also operated on Nevarro, as did an underground Mandalorian tribe that remained in hiding following the Empire's Great Purge of the Mandalorians.[1] Gideon looked to acquire a mysterious alien called "the Child," whom he and the members of his remnant called "the Asset." With a high reward waiting for anyone who could bring the Child to him, many bounty hunters jumped at the opportunity to capture the Child and bring him to "the Client,"[13] who Gideon used as a figurehead for his presence on Nevarro.[1]

Hiring a Mandalorian[edit | edit source]

Upon his return to Nevarro to collect his most recent bounty, Din Djarin, a Mandalorian bounty hunter known to most as "the Mandalorian," collected his reward at the cantina in the local town from an agent of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, Greef Karga, and received his next bounty, one that Djarin accepted when he learned of the high reward being offered by the patrons. After receiving the chit to enter the meeting location, Djarin left the cantina to meet with the Client.[1]

Djarin has a brief standoff with the Client's stormtroopers.

Djarin met with the Client, who wore Imperial attire and was being guarded by remnant stormtroopers, at a facility and realized that they were an Imperial remnant. The Client paid Djarin with a down payment of beskar, an alloy important in Mandalorian culture, and offered him a camtono of beskar for returning the Asset dead or alive, though Imperial Doctor Pershing protested the former. The Client could only provide Djarin with a tracking fob instead of a standard holopuck and the last four digits of the chain code: the target's age, fifty years. Djarin returned to his tribe where "the Armorer" forged him a pauldron using the beskar before he departed Nevarro on his personal starship Razor Crest.[1]

The hunt[edit | edit source]

Arvala-7[edit | edit source]

The Ugnaught[edit | edit source]

Djarin scans the surrounding landscape on Arvala-7, searching for signs of the Asset.

Arriving on Arvala-7, where the tracking fob had led him, Djarin took out his sniper rifle and continued to follow the trail laid out for him by the fob. Djarin then scanned the surrounding landscape for any sign of the Asset, being startled by a blurrg that rushed up and attacked him. Djarin attempted to fight the blurrg, but instead got his arm stuck in the creature's mouth. As he attempted to free himself from its grip, a dart was shot by the Ugnaught moisture farmer Kuiil, temporarily stunning the blurrg. However, another blurrg came charging at him, but was similarly stunned with a dart by Kuiil. As he regained himself, Kuiil came up to him, riding a blurrg, and Djarin thanked him. Kuiil then noted that he was a bounty hunter and that he would help him, inviting him back to his farm.[1]

At the farm, Kuiil informed Djarin that many had passed through his farm, but they had all perished attempting to retrieve the Asset. He then informed Djarin that he wanted to keep half of the blurrg that Djarin helped capture and that he would need one if he wished to reach the encampment of the mercenaries guarding the Asset. Later, Djarin was attempting to mount himself on a blurrg, but had little luck in doing so. Giving up, Djarin walked over to Kuiil and asked him for a speeder that he could hire for the journey to the encampment. However, Kuiil insisted he use a blurrg, citing that Djarin was a Mandalorian and that riding a blurrg should be easy for him. Taking the encouragement from Kuiil, Djarin tried once more, attempting to tame it by gaining its trust, which managed to work, allowing Djarin to make the journey to the encampment. Kuiil then took one of his own blurrg and joined Djarin in his journey.[1]

The two then made the trip across the canyons of Arvala-7, eventually reaching the encampment. Once they arrived, Djarin offered Kuiil credits, but he declined them, wishing only for Djarin to free his valley from the threat the mercenaries posed. He once again provided encouragement to Djarin, again citing the stories he had heard of the Mandalorians of the past, believing Djarin would be able to easily clear the encampment of mercenaries. He then waved Djarin good-bye and left him to complete his mission.[1]

The Child[edit | edit source]

IG-11 arrives at the encampment and attacks the Nikto mercenaries alongside Djarin.

Once Kuiil left, Djarin scanned the encampment with a portable scanner, spotting many Nikto mercenaries guarding the encampment and another bounty hunter, the IG-series assassin droid IG-11, attempting to claim the Asset for himself. After asking for the mercenaries to give him the Asset, IG-11 began to fire upon them, killing several before Djarin appeared, asking him to stand down. However, IG-11 instead shot Djarin with his blaster, knocking him back. Attempting to stand back up, Djarin informed the assassin droid that he was in the guild as well, holding up his tracking fob. With this, Djarin and IG-11 decided to attempt to capture the Asset together, agreeing to split the bounty upon delivery. As the two began to argue about reputation merits, the mercenaries began to emerge from hiding, firing upon the two bounty hunters.[1]

Djarin and IG-11 soon discovered the location of the Asset with Djarin taking cover close to the building it was located, while IG-11 stood out in the open, killing many mercenaries using the advantage of his mechanical body before also hiding behind cover. As they hid, the mercenaries began to rally themselves and overwhelm the two bounty hunters causing IG-11 to prepare himself to self-destruct as it was part of his programming to not be able to fall into enemy hands. Djarin insisted that he not self-destruct leading to IG-11 aborting it while Djarin asked him to cover him as he attempted to gain access to the building by hotwiring the panel controlling the door. However, the two began to become overwhelmed once more and were forced to move behind cover once again. The two soon emerged from hiding only to be confronted with a bigger problem as the mercenaries had set up a turret. With this new obstacle, Djarin was forced to come up with a new plan.[1]

The Mandalorian discovers the Asset.

He ordered IG-11 to run out and draw their fire while he grabbed hold of the turret with his whipcord, stunning the operator for a brief moment, which gave Djarin the opportunity to kill them and grab hold of the turret, operating it himself. This allowed him to kill the rest of the mercenaries, allowing them to gain access to the Asset. The two then used the turret to blast the door open and, with that, the two entered the building. Another mercenary attacked Djarin, however, but he easily killed him and asked if anyone else was present within the building, but saw no one else attack. The two then scanned the room with Djarin's tracking fob in order to locate the Asset and discovered it laying within a hovering pram. Walking over to it, Djarin opened the hovering pram and peered inside, discovering a small child inside of the same species as Jedi Grand Master Yoda. IG-11 prepared to kill him, but was stopped by Djarin who questioned why he was attempting to kill the Child. IG-11 cited that he was directly asked to terminate it. Protecting the Child, Djarin shot IG-11, destroying him and took the Child for himself.[1]

Escorting the Child back to the Razor Crest, Djarin traveled across Arvala-7's rocky surface on foot while the Child hovered close by, eventually coming across a canyon where he was ambushed by a gang of Trandoshan bounty hunters. He engaged in a brief duel with one which allowed him to take the hunter's vibro-ax and easily knocked out the rest. As one attempted to escape, however, he used his sniper rifle to disintegrate them. He then discovered that they too had a tracking fob and that the entire Bounty Hunters' Guild would now be after him. He later attempted to seal his wounds from the fight with the Trandoshans at dusk while a small light burned nearby. The Child attempted to heal him himself using the Force, but Djarin rejected his attempt and placed him back within his hovering pram. The Child continuously attempted to heal Djarin, but Djarin rejected it once and placed him back within his hovering pram, this time sealing it.[2]

The Jawas[edit | edit source]

Chasing the sandcrawler[edit | edit source]

At daybreak, the two discovered a sandcrawler with a tribe of Jawas who were looting Djarin's ship, the Razor Crest, for parts. Djarin quickly attempted to defend ship, taking out sniper rifle and beginning to attack the Jawas, alerting them to his presence. The Jawas began to run away as Djarin continued to snipe them to no avail. As the Jawas attempted to escape in their sandcrawler, Djarin stood up and ran after them, taking the Child with him. He grabbed hold of the sandcrawler's siding, but was spotted by one of the Jawas who alerted the pilot of Djarin's presence. The pilot attempted to kill Djarin by ramming him against the side of a rock, but Djarin just barely managed to evade it by rolling onto the sandcrawler's siding. All Jawas aboard the sandcrawler were now alerted to Djarin's presence and did everything they could to rid the sandcrawler of him.[2]

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