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First Son attacks

The First Son

During the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Jedi Master known as the Barsen'thor began a campaign to uncover the Sith agents known as the Children of the Emperor who had unknowingly infiltrated the Republic and other organizations.


Galactic War
(3642 BBY3636 BBY)
Galactic timeline

Previous: Cold War
(36533642 BBY)

Next: Revolt against the Eternal Empire
(3632 BBY–c. 3630 BBY)

Conflicts of the Galactic War
3642 BBY BalmorraTarisTaral VMaelstromDorin's SkyFoundry
QueshHothHunt for the Sith EmperorPlan ZeroGauntlet
3641 BBY Emperor's ritual crisisDarth Baras' coupHunt for the Children
Rakton campaign
: Operation TalonA-77BelsavisFirst Corellia
RabaanJavelinValiantDromund KaasKalandis Seven
Unknown Regions naval operationsIlum

Hutt SpaceNeutral systemsNal Hutta
3640 BBY Second CorelliaDenovaAsation
Operation Clean SweepOperation Foe-Smasher
New CovBimmielFar CradleRegnant StationKabal Station
Ardis OutpostHyporiLortaFirst LeritorSecond LeritorBoranall
Operation End Game:
First ZiostRuanReaver StationDuro
3639 BBY MakebKalsunorKamarArcanumDarvannisCZ-198Oricon
3638 BBY KuatCelanon
Revanite crisis:
Tython/KorribanManaanLehonRishiYavin 4
36373636 BBY Second Ziost
Eternal Empire raids
: KorribanEternal FleetZakuul
Eternal Empire conquest
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