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"That refueling station is a valuable resource to General Organa. You must make sure it does not fall into her grasp. [...] If you cannot secure the Colossus for the First Order, then destroy it. Fail, and I will see to your execution personally."
―Captain Phasma, to Commander Pyre[src]

In 34 ABY, early in the First Order–Resistance war, forces of the First Order were sent to hunt down the Colossus, a mobile supertanker fuel depot allied with the Resistance that had escaped the planet Castilon after driving out a First Order occupation.[3]


Prior to the outbreak of the First Order–Resistance war, the First Order sought to exploit the Colossus, a refueling platform on the planet Castilon, as a military supply line for their fleet.[6] The First Order tried to convince Captain Imanuel Doza, the ruler of the Colossus, to accept First Order "protection" from pirates.[7] The First Order hired Kragan Gorr and his Warbird gang to raid the Colossus several times.[8]

After a kidnapping attempt on Captain Doza's daughter Torra[9], Doza accepted First Order occupation of the Colossus.[10] Around the time of the Hosnian Cataclysm, the Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono and former New Republic starfighter pilot Jarek Yeager led a successful revolt against the First Order and retook control of the Colossus. The Colossus then fled into hyperspace.[1]

The huntEdit

Fearing that Resistance General Leia Organa would gain access to the Colossus, Captain Phasma ordered Commander Pyre and First Order Security Bureau Agent Tierny to deny the refueling platform to the Resistance. If they could not recover the station, she ordered them to destroy the Colossus. Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre enlisted the Colossus resident Tamara Ryvora's help in locating the platform, playing on her resentment towards her former friend Xiono and employer Yeager for their so-called "betrayal". To win Ryvora's favor, Agent Tierny secured her a place in the First Order's TIE pilot corps.[3]

The stowaway droidEdit

The Colossus exited hyperspace several parsecs from the Ileenium system, the home of the Resistance base on the planet D'Qar. Due to the recent battle, the Colossus had sustained significant damage to its laser cannons, deflector shields, sublight engines, and gravity systems. Xiono, Torra, the Nikto mechanic Neeku Vozo and Xiono's BB-series astromech droid CB-23 attempted to repair the ship's gravity systems but came under attack from a First Order BB-series astromech droid called MB-13A, which had remained aboard during the escape. MB-13A tried to send a signal to the First Order, but Xiono and Torra managed to flush the droid out into space.[3]

Dogfight in the Ileenium systemEdit

Feeling guilty for concealing his identity as a spy, Xiono sent a comlink transmission to Ryvora, apologizing for not being honest with her.[3] While Ryvora was listening to Xiono's message, she was discovered by Jace Rucklin, another former Colossus resident who had become a First Order TIE Fighter Pilot cadet. Rucklin convinced a conflicted Ryvora to report the comlink transmission to Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny. The First Order used Xiono's comlink transmission to track down the Colossus.[4]

Meanwhile, the Colossus arrived in the Ileenium system. However, they discovered that the Resistance had already evacuated D'Qar. The platform was also unable to replenish its depleted food, water, and fuel stocks since the Resistance base had already been destroyed by First Order forces. The Colossus was unable to jump into hyperspace since its hyperdrive had been depleted of coaxium fuel.[4]

With the approval of Captain Doza and Yeager, Xiono, Vozo, CB-23, and the Warbird pirates undertook a salvage mission to obtain coaxium from the wrecked Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought Fulminatrix. Before they could complete their excavation mission, Commander Pyre's Resurgent-class Star Destroyer exited hyperspace and dispatched a battalion of TIE/fo space superiority fighters to attack the Colossus.[4]

Ace Squadron, led by Ace leader Hype Fazon, led the First Order TIEs on a chase while Team Fireball and the Warbirds completed their excavation of the coaxium fuel. While returning to the Colossus, the pirates managed to shoot down a TIE fighter with one of the sail barge Galleon's laser cannons. Kaz and Neeku managed to load the coaxium into the receptacle in the Colossus' hyperdrive chamber while Ace Squadron returned to their hangars. The Colossus managed to escape into hyperspace just before Commander Pyre's gunners could destroy it.[4]

Preparing for warEdit

Following the skirmish in the Ileenium system, Captain Doza assigned Yeager and Xiono to train the Aces, who were skilled racers but lacked combat experience. Despite Fazon's initial aversion towards teamwork, the enlarged Ace Squadron managed to build trust following an encounter with a jakoosk[11] on the ice moon of Celsor 3.[12] Meanwhile Ryvora, Rucklin and former Colossus resident Lin Gaava trained as First Order TIE fighter cadets. Ryvora's faith in the First Order was tested when she was reprimanded by Lieutenant Galek for valuing teamwork over following mission objectives.[11]

The Colossus' food supplies were replenished when Xiono and Torra successfully hunted and killed the jakoosk, convincing the civilians who had been planning to leave the station to stay onboard.[12]

The saboteurEdit

Tierny had the idea to hire a saboteur to infiltrate the Colossus and cripple it so it would be easy prey, a plan that Pyre was skeptical of. Nenavakasa Nalor, a Nikto engineer whose past as a slave had instilled in her the belief that it was always best to be on the "winning side", was hired for the job. She tracked it for several days before faking severe damage to her ship and sending a distress signal that was picked up when the station's long-range scanners were repaired. Yeager suspected a trap, but Xiono and Vozo, pointing out there was also a chance it wasn't a trap, persuaded him and Doza to okay a rescue, although Xiono was ordered to bring along San as she was a better shot than him.[5]

When Xiono and San docked with Nalor's ship, Xiono immediately invited her onboard the Colossus to help repair it after learning she was an engineer. Hitting it off with Vozo, Nalor used the repairs to cover for her sabotage of the station, actually fixing the platform too well by repairing and reactivating systems that the Colossus lacked the power to be able to have on constantly. After a suspicious San searched Nalor's ship with Xiono and uncovered the truth, the engineer fled, with Vozo seriously hurt by her deception.[5]

As Tierny and Pyre's Star Destroyer closed in, Vozo and Xiono worked to undo the sabotage, with the removal of a caseline Nalor had installed being the final piece necessary to allow the Colossus to activate its thrusters and escape, Nalor having already vanished into hyperspace aboard her own vessel. Displeased at the sabotage's failure, Tierny and Pyre agreed to have Nalor executed if they should meet her again.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

The First Order's hunt for the Colossus comprises the main plot of Star Wars Resistance Season 2, and was first mentioned in season premiere "Into the Unknown".[3] The hunt first appeared in the following episode, "A Quick Salvage Run".[4]


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