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"Hunt on Celsor 3" is the fourth episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television on October 27, 2019, on Disney Channel.

Official description[]

As the Colossus runs dangerously low on food, Kaz and Torra look to catch the massive jakoosk creature in a last-ditch attempt to feed the ship's citizenry. [3]

Plot summary[]

Trouble on the Colossus[]

The episode begins with the inhabitants of the Colossus protesting and murmuring against Captain Doza since they've run out of food on the Colossus. Doza tells them not to have fear and that they would begin rationing food immediately. Aunt Z points out that they had no food. Al also complaints that there is no food and drink but endless walls.

Neeku tells Al not to have fear and that they'd be okay. Aunt Z disagrees and says that she misses the sky and breathing fresh air. She announces that she is leaving with Jooks and Namua also expressing similar sentiments. Doza tells them to be patient and that he will need more time to get them food. Aunt Z replies to him by telling him that they do not have time. Doza says they're in the middle of a war. Aunt Z says that she knows but that she'd rather take her chances out there. She reasons that there is no chance for her to stay if she can't run her own cantina and walks off. Torra Doza tries to stop her but to no avail. Neeku remarks that perhaps Aunt Z is right and joins the crowd in walking away from a pleading Doza.

The Warbird pirate Krell remarks that Captain Doza has a "real mess" on his hand. Kragan Gorr responds that this is an opportunity for them.

Aunt Z's proposal[]

Kaz and Torra head to Aunt Z's Tavern where Aunt Z is packing up and Al is crying since there's nothing to drink. Kaz pleads with her and tells her she doesn't have to do this. She says that it's not really a matter of choice since she cannot have a business if she can't feed her customers. Torra then asks what they can do to help. Though hesitating, Aunt Z eventually asks them if they would go back to Celsor 3 and hunt down its native jakoosk, since there is enough meat on that beast to feed the Colossus for a while.

Kaz remarks that he didn't know they were edible and Torra says that the job would be tough and that she isn't sure if Doza would approve. Right then, Kragan and his gang stroll in, saying that though it might be difficult for the Ace Squadron it will not be difficult for him and his company. Aunt Z says that if Kragan can bring it back, he and his crew can eat free of charge. Kragan then says that unlike Doza he is not afraid to try. This infuriates Torra since Doza is her father. Kragan responds that this is the only "smart thing" that Captain Doza did since he left Castilon. Kragan and his gang walk away. Torra is about to pick a fight with Kragan but Kaz holds her back and asks where she is going. Torra replies that she is going to speak with her father. G1-7CH then goes and comforts a still weeping Al by patting him on the back.

A fool's errand[]

Doza meanwhile is conferring with Jarek Yeager on perhaps how it is better if people leave the station since life is getting tougher, ever since the First Order has been hunting the down. Yeager argues that since the First Order is hunting down the people of the Colossus they cannot allow people to depart since if they go out and get caught, their blood will be on Doza's hands, something he would not want. Right then, Torra enters Doza's office with Kaz and proposes Aunt Z's idea of hunting down a jakoosk.

Yeager expresses surprise that the jakoosk is edible with Kaz responding "I know right." Doza says that the idea is horrible and too dangerous. But Torra tells him that Kragan and his crew have already cut a deal with Aunt Z to hunt it down, which she suggests could be a way to undermine Doza's authority. This does not surprise Doza since Kragan is a pirate. Torra tells her father that she and Kaz will accompany the Warbirds to Celsor 3 to hunt down the jakoosk to show that Doza is still in command of the Colossus. Yeager agrees with Torra due to the fear of mutiny. Doza tells them to go but warns them not to take any unnecessary risks.

Later at Yeager's repair station, Kaz runs into Neeku who is packing his things. Neeku replies that he is packing his things. Before Kaz can get an explanation, Torra comms him to tell him that the Warbirds are preparing for the hunt and that it is time to go. Kaz says he'll be right there and then realizes that if they can feed the Colossus, Neeku will stay. Kaz and the BB-series astromech droid CB-23 climb aboard the racer Fireball.

The Fireball and Torra's ship Blue Ace accompanies the pirates' sail barge Galleon to Celsor 3 for the hunt. Aboard the Galleon, Aboard the sail barge Galleon, Synara San tells Kragan that hunting down a jakoosk is a mistake and a "fool's errand". Kragan disagrees, calling it nonsense and says that before there were starships to prey upon, pirates hunted a vast array of creatures throughout the stars. He opines that they are simply returning to their roots. Synara shakes her head as the ship enters Celsor 3's atmosphere.

A perilous hunt[]

As they descend into the icy and cloudy atmosphere of Celsor 3, Kaz asks what their plan is. Kragan replies that the plan is that Kaz and Torra, whom he refers to as "children", should stay out of his way and that he and his crew can take care of the jakoosk. Kaz replies that technically is a plan. The Galleon dispatches several airspeeders out of its ventral hangar bay. Snarl is excited but Drell begins to wonder how big a jakoosk is. Snarl responds how should I know and the two drum up their enthusiasm.

As the convoy of ships and airspeeders travels through several ice pinnacles, CB-23 beeps in Binary. Kaz reassures CB-23 that things are going to get excited any minute now. When Kaz asks Torra via comlink how the Warbirds are going to catch the jakoosk, Torra responds that she doesn't think they have a clue. At the suggestion of Snarl, the pirates begin to throw explosives down into order to lure the massive beast out of hiding. As the pirates gaze at the stormy skies below, a large shape glides below them, camouflaged by the clouds. Suddenly, the jakoosk charges at them with its jaws, scaring Snarl and Drell. Hearing their cries on the intercom, Kaz remarks that he thinks they have found it.

Back on the Galleon, Synara sees the jakoosk and asks Kragan if that was what he was expecting. Kragan responds no but says that it is much better. Kragan orders Synara to prepare all cannons but a concerned Synara warns him that their ships will be cut to pieces. The jakoosk menaces the convoy of pirate airspeeders. Kragan responds that this is nonsense and orders the Warbirds to surround the beast and blast it down. Synara complies but the Galleon's cannon cannot penetrate the jakoosk's thick hide.

Kaz warns Kragan and Synara that lasers cannot penetrate its tough skin and proposes getting under the massive beast. Kragan rolls his eyes and commands Synara to fire once more. This only irritates the massive monster which chomps up Skreek's speeder. Skreek manages to bail out of his speeder and land on Gamorrean pirate Gork and his Nikto partner Leoz's speeder. The jakoosk then circles an ice pillar and swipes the portside of the Galleon, causing some damage to Kragan's ship.

Watching the perilous hunt, Torra says that they can't sit back and that they need to assist Kragan and his crew. Kaz wonders what Kragan is doing. As Synara watches in horror, the jakoosk plows through Snarl and Drell's speeder, causing it to crash into the icy surface below. Synara tells a Nikto co-pilot and Kragan that Snarl and Drell are down and that they must retreat. Kragan refuses to retreat but Synara points out that he will cease to be a captain if he loses his ship. Snarling, Kragan pulls up the periscope and orders all ships to retreat.

To Torra's disbelief, the Galleon turns around. Kaz points out that the jakoosk isn't going to let Kragan retreat. As the massive winged creature flies towards the Galleon, Synara points out that the creature is gaining on them. Kragan orders her to divert more power to the engines but Synara points out that they cannot outrun the jakoosk. The surviving pirate speeders board the Galleon. Over the intercom, Kaz reassures Synara that he and Torra will deal with the creature. Kaz and Torra use their racers' laser cannons to fire at the creature's underbelly and claws, causing it to retreat to the surface. Synara thanks them and tells Kragan that they should have listened to Kaz from the very beginning.

Deflecting blame[]

Captain Kragan returns to Aunt Z's Tavern empty-handed. When Aunt Z asks where is the jakoosk, Kragan lies that Captain Doza's Aces interfered with his mission. He says that everyone will remain hungry and that you can thank your Captain for that. Several patrons including Bolza Grool and Grevel are outraged with the latter complaining that he was promised a meal. Just then, Kaz and Torra enter the tavern. Right then, Kaz and Torra stroll into Aunt Z's Tavern. Kaz says that the first attempt was intense and that it was a good thing he and Torra were there to assist him. Kragan grumbles and walks away.

Torra tells Kaz not to expect Kragan to thank him. Aunt Z says that Kragan's failure means that everyone loses because there is nothing to eat and that it is all Doza's fault for putting them in this situation. She announces that she is leaving that night and welcomes anyone who is willing to come with her. Torra and Kaz bow their heads with sadness and defeat.

A saddened Torra and Kaz made their way back to Captain Doza's office with CB-23. Kaz tells Doza that the mission was a complete failure while Torra adds that Kragan has convinced everybody that the "whole mess" is her father's fault. Doza replies that Kragan is not entirely wrong since he is responsible for the well-being of everyone on this ship as Captain of the Colossus. Torra tells him that Aunt Z and the others are planning to leave that night and that the only way to keep them safe is to keep them here. Doza promises to look out for anybody who chooses to stay but concedes that there is nothing else he can do.

Captain Doza bows his head and looks out the viewport into space. When Torra asks her father if he is sure that he is okay, Doza replies that he is fine and tells her not to worry because they will get through this problem. Kaz and Torra share a worried look prior to departing.

Kaz's solution[]

Kaz, Torra, and CB-23 head to Torra's quarters. Torra tells Kaz that she has never seen her father this stressed and that they must do something. Just then, they are greeted by Torra's pet Voorpak Buggles, who has climbed aboard the wall panel light. Torra tells Buggles to get down and the Voorpak jumps onto Kaz, who catches him but falls on his back due to the pet's weight. Buggles licks Kaz who says that it is good to see him before sitting beside Torra on her bed.

As Buggles climbs onto Kaz's lap and lets Kaz stroke his belly, Kaz recalls that the jakoosk's underside is its soft spot and the only place that they have been able to hit successfully. Torra points out that the jakoosk always shields itself before they can get a clear shot. Kaz and Torra realize that if they could get to the surface below the beast, then they could get a clear shot. Torra points out that they would need a good weapon to get it down. Just then, Kaz recalls that Tamara Ryvora was working on a high-powered cannon for the Fireball before she left but that she never got a chance to install it.

Kaz recalls that the cannon is still in Yeager's garage. Torra thinks that Kaz's idea is perfect. Kaz says that he will need to bring an external power source but that would do the trick. As they leave Torra's quarters, Kaz says that the jakoosk will not know what is coming. Buggles tries to follow them but CB-23 tries to shoo her back into Torra's room. However, the voorpak manages to leap over the blast door before it closes.

Kaz and Torra depart the Colossus aboard the Fireball and Blue Ace. The Fireball carries Tam's new high-powered cannon, which is located near CB-23's astromech socket. As they are flying over to Celsor 3, Kaz tells Torra that he hopes this cannon will work; a sentiment that she also shares. A shocked Kaz discovers Buggles hiding in a compartment below his cockpit. Buggles jumps onto his lap. When Torra notices that the Fireball is flying erratically, Kaz claims everything is fine while trying to control Buggles. Kaz grumbles that Torra is going to kill him if she found out Buggles had tagged along.

The second attempt[]

Kaz and Torra land on the frozen surface of Celsor 3 and scope out the land. Torra asks Kaz what is going on when she sees him talking into the cockpit of the Fireball. Kaz claims that nothing is going on and tries to shut the Fireball's canopy. However, an exuberant Buggles jumps out and trots over to Torra. This angers her but Kaz tells her that Buggles must have stowed aboard his ship while he was not looking. Buggles wanders off into the snowy landscape. Torra spots the voorpak on top of a nearby structure with her macrobinoculars and runs after him.

Meanwhile, Kaz detaches the cannon and its power source from the Fireball but slips on the icy hull. Kaz and CB-23 catch up with Torra, who hits him on the head with her macrobinoculars. Torra runs on top of a nearby hill and calls out for Buggles. Suddenly, the ground where Torra is standing rises to the ground. While Kaz rushes over to save Torra, they both see the jakoosk flying of into the sky. Torra says that she is okay and that she is just blasted. Kaz says that they have to hit its underside and to find Buggles before the jakoosk does.

As Torra calls out for Buggles, she spots Snarl and Drell who are running away from the jakoosk. The two pirates run past Kaz and CB-23 and flee aboard the Blue Ace and Fireball. Kaz protests but is knocked to the ground by the jakoosk' tail as the creature pursues the fleeing pirates. While Torra continues the search for Buggles, Kaz struggles with the pirates' theft of their ships and asks who does that. CB-23 replies in Binary that pirates do, which Kaz grudgingly agrees.

Kaz sets up the cannon, battery, and tripod and waits for the jakoosk. Just then, the jakoosk sweeps in from behind and severs the cannon's power cable with its massive tail. Meanwhile, Torra finds Buggles on top of an ice pinnacle. As the jakoosk returns for a second round, she tells Kaz over her comlink to shoot the creature down. Kaz realizes that he can use CB-23 for battery and is able to shoot the jakoosk in the underbelly before it can devour Buggles, who is on top of the ice pinnacle.

The jakoosk crashes onto the ice pinnacle, knocking Kaz and CB-23 to their knees. Torra reunites with him and the two gaze over the fallen jakoosk. Kaz quips that the jakoosk got "ja-cooked." They find Buggles on top of the fallen beast and the voorpak reunites with Kaz, licking him. Torra lifts Buggles up and cuddles him, telling the voorpak that he also performed well. Kaz contacts Captain Doza by comlink, telling him that they need a pick-up and a whole lot of tow cables.


Back aboard the Colossus, the inhabitants gather in the Colossus marketplace where the jakoosk's flesh is being grilled over open fires. Synara forces Snarl and Drell to apologize to Kaz and Torra for stealing their ships and leaving them stranded on ice moon. At Synara's insistence, Snarl and Drell also apologize for abandoning Torra's "smugglie bugglie" too as Buggles barks at them. Though Synara is apologetic, Kaz says it is fine since they are pirates and that is what they do.

While Kaz cuddles Buggles, Torra takes a plate of jakoosk meat from Aunt Z, who says that she'll stay with the Colossus for now. She tells Torra that they pulled of a miracle. Orka helps himself to a plate of meat. Captain Doza thanks Kazuda, his daughter Torra and Buggles for their efforts in capturing the jakoosk. He tells the inhabitants of the Colossus that as their captain he will never forget his responsibility to care and look out for them though these are dark times. He promises that the light will shine upon them once again. Just then, Captain Doza reveals a holographic projection of Castilon's blue sky with speagulls flying around the stands. Namua marvels that it looks like the real thing.

Torra asks who did this and Kaz spots Neeku tinkering with the projector nearby. Kaz rushes over to Neeku and asks when he had the time to do this since he was packing. Neeku says he was packing but that he was just trading his possessions to get the parts he needed. Kaz hugs Neeku. When Kaz says he is glad Neeku didn't leave, Neeku responds that he would never leave because the Colossus is his home and that everyone aboard is his family. Neeku then runs off to sample the food while Kaz smiles. The episode ends with a shot of the simulated blue sky hanging over the Colossus marketplace.


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  • Created by – Dave Filoni
  • Based on Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Developed by – Dave Filoni, Kiri Hart, Carrie Beck
  • Executive Produced by – Brandon Auman, Athena Yvette Portillo, Justin Ridge
  • Executive Producer – Dave Filoni
  • Supervising Director – Justin Ridge
  • Directed by – Brad Rau
  • Written by – Sharon Flynn
  • Story Consultant – Steven Melching
  • Star Wars Resistance Theme & Score by – Michael Tavera
  • Original Star Wars Themes & Score by – John Williams
  • Co-producer – Josh Rimes
  • Voice Director – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  • Art Director – Amy Beth Christenson
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  • Rights and clearances by – Entertainment Clearances, Inc., Cassandra Barbour, Laura Sevier


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