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At some point following the Berch Teller campaign, Governor Wilhuff Tarkin repayed a debt to the Sith Lord Darth Vader by having himself and nineteen other men hunt Vader on the planet Chandar's Folly. Vader had asked for Tarkin to hunt him[3] as Vader had developed a respect for the governor,[1] and because Vader had learned of Tarkin’s past hunting[3] on Eriadu during their time working together during the Berch Teller campaign.[1] In the second day of the hunt, the group tracked Vader to a copse of thurian trees and surrounded him with flamethrowers before letting loose on the Sith. As they engulfed him with flames, Vader attacked the flamethrowers, resulting in the loss of four hunters. By the time of the ninth day of the hunt, the group had lost eight more hunters.[3]

On the final day of the hunt, Vader killed all the hunters except Tarkin, who lured the Sith into storm ground. As a result, Vader was severely injured by a lightning strike, and Tarkin called in his ship to pick them both up.[3]

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