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"Blind allegiance makes you a pawn. A real leader protects his squad."
―Hunter, to Crosshair[6]

Hunter, formerly designated CT-9901, was a Clone Sergeant who served as the commanding officer of Clone Force 99 in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, fought between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He was genetically altered to have heightened senses and commanded his comrades who had their own unique mutations, in what they called the "Bad Batch." Other members of the squad included Wrecker, Tech, and Crosshair, and later, Echo.

In 19 BBY, Hunter and Clone Force 99 were recalled from an insurrection on Yalbec Prime to the planet Anaxes by Clone Marshal Commander Cody, who along with Clone Captain Rex was planning an infiltration of a Separatist Cyber Center to discover why Republic forces were strategically outmaneuvered in the battle there. In the mission, Hunter demonstrated his squad's aggressive methods, leading full frontal charges and earning the respect of Captain Rex. After successfully infiltrating the Cyber Center, Rex and Tech discovered that their strategies had been compromised by Echo, a long-lost Advanced Recon Commando. Clone Force 99 joined Rex and Anakin Skywalker's mission to find Echo on Skako Minor. After rescuing Echo and facilitating the demise of Separatist Admiral Trench, Hunter extended an offer to the cybernetically-enhanced clone to join his crew, which Echo accepted.

Most of the members' mutations and the ordeal Echo suffered prior to joining caused their inhibitor chips to fail, meaning Clone Force 99 was able to disobey Order 66. With the Proclamation of the New Order and the rise of the Galactic Empire from the shell of the Republic, Clone Force 99—with the exception of Crosshair, whose chip had functioned properly—defected with a child named Omega, and Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin ordered that they be hunted down. He would go on to lead Clone Force 99 as a mercenary outfit under the employ of Trandoshan broker Ciddarin Scaleback.


The Clone Wars

The Bad Batch

"I've heard mixed things about these guys."
"They have a 100% success rate."
"It's not that they win, it's how they win that worries me.
―Jesse and Kix discuss the Bad Batch[2]
Clone Force 99 Bad Batch

Hunter (second left) was an original member of Clone Force 99, "The Bad Batch"

One of the millions of clones of the human male bounty hunter Jango Fett grown on the planet Kamino,[7] Hunter—designated CT-9901[8]—was the leader of the experimental unit Clone Force 99, also known by its members as "The Bad Batch." The elite clone squad consisted of clone commandos with desirable genetic mutations, with Hunter's mutations giving him enhanced senses. He was able to feel electromagnetic frequencies from anywhere on a planet. Hunter served as a Clone Sergeant, commanding the sharpshooter Crosshair, the brute Wrecker, and the technology genius Tech. The squad flew in an Omicron-class attack shuttle called the Marauder. Clone Force 99 was named after the Maintenance duty clone 99, who was killed in the Battle of Kamino.[2]

Throughout the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Clone Force 99 had a 100% percent success rate in their missions, but had a reputation for their unorthodox methods and disobedience.[2] Hunter lost count of the amount of missions they had completed, feeling that the action blurred together.[9] The Force was known throughout the Grand Army of the Republic to clone troopers such as Jesse and Kix, although Clone Captain Rex had not heard of them. At some point in the war, Hunter met Clone Commander Cody, and Clone Force 99 was given at least one suicide mission by him,[2] but the members could not articulate who their regular superior officer was.[9] The members of Clone Force 99 also met and bonded with the family of the clone deserter Cut Lawquane on Saleucami during the war.[10]

Mirror match

"I've got movement, this way. And whatever it is…it's fast. I can't get a lock on it."
―Hunter, alerting the squad of an unknown threat[11]

Sometime between 21 BBY and 19 BBY,[12] Hunter and the rest of Clone Force 99 were present during an attack on a Republic fleet. During the battle, Wrecker stumbled upon a Wookiee doll, getting himself distracted. Unbeknownst to the squad, the doll was owned by the Wookiee Viiveenn, who just left the chaotic scene with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Tech reminded Wrecker that they were still in the middle of a battle. Wrecker and Crosshair then got into an argument about whether or not they should bring the lost doll with them. At the ramp of the Marauder, Hunter interrupted the three clones, telling them to get a move on for their next assignment, a mission to the Outer Rim moon Hylanth.[11]


Clone Force 99 arrives on Hylanth

After the Marauder landed on the moon, the squad got out of their ship and was surrounded by forests. They were sent out due to battle droids, which made Crosshair question the whole mission, stating that even regular clone troopers could handle it. Tech then added that the droids were modified, though who was responsible for the modifications remained unknown, making Crosshair slightly more optimistic about their mission as he walked through the forest. Wrecker said that Crosshair just needed some cheering up and attempted to cheer him up, teasing the marksman with the Wookiee doll he had found earlier. The pair argued, though Hunter interrupted the argument, telling them both to be quiet. Hunter noticed a movement, though it was too fast for him to get a lock on.[11]

As the squad walked further into the forest, both Hunter and Crosshair felt that something was wrong with their mission. A hologram then appeared out of nowhere, greeting the clones before introducing himself, Doctor Krail. The doctor hoped that the Republic would send them, to which Hunter asked why Krail hoped for them to come specifically. Krail proceeded to compare the clones to battle droids but was interrupted by Wrecker, saying that they were nothing alike. The doctor agreed, calling the clones special and better than the rest, adding that it was the same as his battle droids. Being very confident, Wrecker challenged Krail to send out his special droids, which the doctor already sent earlier.[11]

A distant Echo

Summoned to Anaxes
"Sergeant, good to see you again."
"You too sir."
"This is Hunter."
"Sorry we're late commander, we were putting down an insurrection on Yalbec Prime when your comm came in. Had a few unforseen…complications.
―Cody and Hunter upon Clone Force 99's arrival on Anaxes[2]
Hunter on Anaxes

Hunter and The Bad Batch on Anaxes

In 19 BBY,[13] Clone Force 99 was fighting an Insurrection on Yalbec Prime, where Wrecker cut off the Yalbec queen's stinger, causing the males of the species to try to mate with them. During the insurrection, Commander Cody transmitted a request for Clone Force 99 to arrive on Anaxes. The Republic was losing the Battle of Anaxes, and to turn the tide, Captain Rex and Cody plotted an attack with a small squad on a Separatist Cyber Center, with Cody selecting The Bad Batch for the mission. The squad nearly crashed the Marauder as it flew at high speed into Fort Anaxes.

Hunter exited the starship first and apologized for their tardiness, explaining their encounter with the Yalbecs as an "unforeseen complication." The sergeant vouched for the flaws and abilities of his brothers before enquiring about the nature of their mission, boarding a Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunship and getting briefed en route to their destination.[2]

Infiltrating Separatist bases
"Everyone, find cover. We'll hold this position and let them come to us."
"I don't think so, Captain. That's not our style. We prefer going to them. Bad Batch! Plan 82, "Shockwave!"
―Rex and Hunter after being shot down[2]

The gunship was shot down by DSD1 dwarf spider droids, crashing in a canyon. Cody was trapped within the wreckage, and when Rex tried to help his friend Hunter stopped him and ordered Wrecker to help. Wrecker used his immense strength to lift the entire gunship and pull Cody out. Afterwards the clones saw an army of B1-series battle droid advancing towards them, and Rex advocated making a stand there. Hunter disagreed, as Clone Force 99 had their own methods and preferred taking the fight to the enemy. Hunter called out for Plan 82, shockwave, where the unit worked as a team, with Wrecker providing cover with a large piece of the gunship, and Tech calculating positions for Hunter to throw Electro Magnetic Pulse grenades at, which were shot by Crosshair to disable a wide field of droids. As more spider droids advanced Hunter gave the order to fan out, fighting droids with his DC-17 hand blaster and vibro-knife. With the droids eliminated Rex complemented Hunter on the squad's work and suggested that they move out from their compromised position.[2]

At a camp, Jesse inquired as to what Hunter's genetic enhancement was, with Kix joking that it was ability to put up with the other three. Tech explained Hunter's abilities to sense electromagnetic frequencies and stated that unlike maps, Hunter was never wrong. With Cody incapacitated, Rex took command of the mission, escalating tensions between Clone Force 99 and Rex's men to the point of a near brawl. Hunter had to step in to get Wrecker to put down Kix, and chastised the men for their actions and focused on the mission, agreeing to follow Rex's lead and complete the mission his way. When the clones arrived at a Separatist outpost that was easier to attack than evade, Hunter asked for Rex's orders, expecting an infiltration mission, but the captain agreed to lead a frontal assault in Bad Batch style, which excited Hunter. The clones broke into the Center and rode an elevator up to the command tower, eliminating many droids along the way. Hunter complemented Rex, that he was not bad for a "Reg"; a term the Bad Batch used for the rank-and-file clones.[2]

A lost clone
"If you want my opinion, it sounds like a trap, but me and the boys will tag along anyway, if only to say "I told you so.""
―Hunter to Rex and Anakin Skywalker[9]
Bad Batch scouting

Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker plan an assault on the Separatist outpost

From the outpost the clones spotted the Cyber Center, and Tech discovered a platoon of droids heading there. Hunter correctly theorized that their destruction at the crash site had been noticed. To infiltrate the outpost the clones Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker stole speeder bikes to flank the Separatists from the rear while the other clones attacked the entrance. After Wrecker broke down the back door, the three clones entered the base and gunned down the B1 battle droids inside. Inside the base's command center, Hunter attacked two T-series tactical droids with his vibro-knife, leaving Tech to analyze the Separatist computers while he and Wrecker joined the assault at the entrance. After the squad eliminated the B1 battle droids, a Multi-Troop Transport arrived and dropped off a host of B2-series super battle droids. The droids pushed the clones back inside the Cyber Center, where Hunter had to forcefully recall a stunned Rex to back out. After being pushed outside the Center, the clones were picked up by Crosshair driving a stolen Separatist airspeeder. On returning to Fort Anaxes, Rex revealed that the Separatists tactical advantage was caused by CT-1409, an Advanced Recon Commando nicknamed "Echo" who was long believed to be dead.[2]

At the base, plans for a mission to the source of Echo's signals on the planet Skako Minor were made. Hunter met Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and expressed concern that the general staff had not sanctioned the mission, on account on its far-fetched nature. Skywalker was certain that it would be approved and that the primary objective was to uncover the Separatists' strategic advantages, regardless of Echo's involvement. Hunter offered Clone Force 99 to the mission, if only to allow an "I told you so." Skywalker and Rex left so the Jedi could contact his secret wife Padmé Amidala, while Hunter returned to wait at the Marauder with the Bad Batch. On the way to Skako Minor Rex and Skywalker asked about the Force's nature, with Hunter unsure of the amount of missions they had undertaken or who they regularly reported to.[9]

The Poletecs of Skako Minor
"What are you doing?"
"Going for a ride.
―Rex and Hunter, as the later flies into the air to rescue Anakin Skywalker[9]
Hunter air rescue

Hunter attempting to rescue Anakin Skywalker

As the Marauder approached Skako Minor, Tech called out that it would be a difficult landing, leading everyone to strap in. As the crew landed and discussed the world's native Poletecs, one riding a winged keeradak landed on the ship and caused it to shake violently. Hunter wanted the creature removed from his ship and ran outside, followed by the crew. More mounted keeradaks arrived as they tried to force the keeradak off, and one grabbed Skywalker and flew off. Crosshair shot a grapple onto it, which Hunter grabbed and informed Rex he was going for a ride. The clone was pulled into the air and began shooting at the keeradak's rider with his blaster, which he dropped when the rider maneuvered out of his aim. As the keeradaks and Poletecs neared their village Hunter detached his cable and landed on a ridge overlooking the settlement. He contacted Tech via comlink and informed Clone Force 99 to hone in on his signal.[9]

When they arrived Hunter informed them that the tribesmen were holding Skywalker, and Rex instructed them that they would move in and only disarm the Poletecs without casualties. Wrecker rolled a boulder down a cliff into the village, with the clones following behind. Hunter pointed his blaster at the chief, the one who had abducted Skywalker, and ordered Tech to translate the language through his gear. The translation revealed that Skywalker had only been taken because the Poletecs wanted to avoid further warfare on their planet, as had already been propagated by the presence of Techno Union Foreman and Separatist Council member Wat Tambor. The Poletecs agreed to escort the clones and Skywalker to Tambor's headquarters in the city of Purkoll. At a vantage point overlooking the city Hunter and Crosshair both gave knowing looks at Wrecker when Skywalker expressed hope that none of them were afraid of heights. When Tech observed that the signal thought to belong to Echo had disappeared, Hunter suggested that the signal may have been a trap and that Echo was truly dead.[9]

Finding Echo
"I hope you find what you're looking for, captain."
―Hunter to Rex, before the latter finds Echo[9]

Rex reacted angrily when Crosshair suggested his guilt over leaving Echo at the Citadel was driving the mission, leading Skywalker to instruct Hunter to take Clone Force 99 to look for an entrance while he discussed the matter privately with Rex. The commandos found an entrance to a tower base before Skywalker and Rex arrived; when they did Hunter informed them that Echo's signal was restored. The group took an turbolift up the tower and Skywalker's instructions to keep the mission quiet were ignored. Clone Force 99 blasted their way out of the turbolift and destroyed a group of D1-series aerial battle droids in the room they opened up to. Outside the room, Tech realized that Echo's signal was only present when he was transmitting data, leading Skywalker to split up the group to search every room in the tower. Hunter ran with Rex, Tech, and Wrecker.[9]

Hunter and co surrounded

Clone Force 99 surrounded by droids

When the signal returned, Hunter identified the room it emanated from. As the group tried to enter it a transmission from Tambor appeared on a viewscreen, with the foreman stating that the clones' movements had been predictable and that Echo was gone, his mind a prisoner of the Separatists. A large group of aerial battle droids surrounded the clones and were ordered by Tambor to execute them. Hunter threw his knife to deactivate one droid and destroyed several in the group with his knife and blaster, along with Skywalker and Crosshair, who had joined them. After the initial group was destroyed Skywalker ordered Tech to open the door for Rex, and Hunter expressed his hope that the captain found what he sought. Rex found Echo indeed, wired into machinery in suspended animation.[9]

Escaping the tower
"Hunter, hold them off. I'll check on Rex and Echo."
―Anakin Skywalker to Hunter[14]

More D1 battle droids arrived and were fought off by Hunter, Skywalker, Wrecker, and Crosshair. The Jedi ordered Hunter to continue the defense while he checked on Tech and Rex. The three clones were pushed into the room where Echo was held and closed the door, with Hunter and Crosshair using welders to seal it. As more droids surrounded the entrance Crosshair explained the amount of droids entering, with Hunter stating they could hold them off as long as necessary. The sergeant sealed another door leading into the room as the Separatists began piercing the first one with a decimator droid. Rex and Tech were able to unplug Echo from the machinery, in which time the lost clone identified a roof exhaust vent through which they could escape. Echo unlocked the vent using his cybernetic attachments, and Hunter exclaimed that the Decimator had nearly breached through the second door. To reach the vent Wrecker threw Hunter upwards first, who complained that a warning would have been appreciated.[14]

Wrecker threw the other members of the squad into the vent and threw thermal detonators to destroy the decimator. As the squad navigated the exhaust pipes Echo explained that he had been given access to Techno Union databases, including building schematics. Echo led the group to a large outdoor pipe at a great height, where Hunter tried to assure the acrophobic Wrecker that they were near safety. However, D-1 battle droids surrounded the clones on both sides of the pipe. Tech used a recording of the keeradaks to summon the creatures to their location, where the clones and Skywalker jumped on the keerdaks to escape. Hunter and Tech were the last to jump, riding on the same keerdaak. Hunter took the role of steering the creature while Tech fired back at the D1 droids, who pursued them in flight.[14]

Defending the village
"It's hard to compete with a Jedi."
―Hunter after repelling the droids from the Poletec village[14]

Clone Force 99 returned to the Poletec village, unwittingly drawing the battle droids there. The Poletec chief was furious that war had come to their village, but Rex explained what the Techno Union had done to Echo and that it was time for the Poletecs to take a stand. As a large force of droids arrived at the village the inhabitants and clones united to fight them off, with Hunter dispatching several with his vibro-knife. After many D1 droids were defeated several Octuptarra tri-droids wrought havoc on the villagers. Rex led Hunter and Wrecker to fire at the droids from below, and after Skywalker's effective strategy of jumping onto the droids and damaging them up close was demonstrated, Wrecker threw Hunter and Rex onto one of the droids to deal with them.[14]

With the Octuptarra droids brought down Wrecker helped Hunter up, and the sergeant complimented Skywalker's abilities. The Poletec sand the clones thanked each other for their assistance as Clone Force 99 boarded the Marauder[14] to return to Anaxes.[15]

Liberating Anaxes
"And the regs think we take risks."
―Hunter after learning Echo's plan[15]

After returning to Fort Anaxes, Echo formulated a plan to restore the planet to Republic control. Jedi General Mace Windu would lead a force to retake the planet's assembly complex, while Clone Force 99 along with Skywalker and Rex would escort Echo to Separatist Admiral Trench's flagship, Invulnerable, where the clone could give false strategies to the Separatists. At the Marauder, Hunter asked Tech if they were ready to begin, which Tech answered in the affirmative. Aboard the ship Hunter enquired about Echo's plan, which was to transmit a code identifying the vessel to the flagship as a droid shuttle. Hunter commented that the plan was risky, even by Bad Batch standards.[15]

Inside the ship, Echo engaged with the interface in the comm vault to complete the plan. Echo sent a message to Trench to send all droid forces to the assembly complex, which Hunter was suspicious of as that would outnumber the forces led by Windu and Kenobi. True to his loyalties, Echo transmitted a signal to deactivate all of the droids at the assembly complex, turning the various battlefronts on Anaxes in the Republic's favor. Hunter was glad to learn that Echo had not been compromised by the Separatists. As Echo discovered and helped Windu disarm a bomb hidden in the assembly complex, Trench's droids discovered the signal originating within their ship and blocked it, knocking out Echo. Hunter realized that meant Trench knew their location, and the clones began to fight their way out of the vault against a horde of B2 super battle droids and B1 battle droids.[15]

"Your path is different, like ours. If you ever feel like you don't fit in with them, well, find us."
―Hunter to Echo after the victory on Anaxes[15]
Clone Force 99 plus Echo

The Bad Batch salutes Rex, alongside their newest member

As they progressed through the ship's halls Wrecker cleared a path by rampaging through lines of droids with only his hands, at which Hunter expressed a level of empathy for his victims. As Skywalker, who had gone to retrieve the final part of the bomb's code from Trench, returned, Crosshair demolished a large number of droids by placing reflective pads on the ship's walls, ricocheting his blaster-fire throughout the walls. Wrecker was dismayed that his feat was outdone, but Hunter assured him that he would win next time, which Crosshair disputed. The clones escaped from Trench's flagship aboard the Marauder, and on returning to Fort Anaxes they were commended for their actions by Windu, as they had saved Anaxes. Kenobi commented that medals were in store for them.[15]

When the members of Clone Force 99 did not join Rex and the Jedi to receive their accolades, Echo enquired as to why. The clones responded that it was not their "thing" and Hunter asked Echo if he felt the same way. He identified that Echo's path had changed from that of the regular clones, and was welcome to join them if he could find them. Rex advised Echo to accept Hunter's offer, which he did. The members of Clone Force 99 showed their respect to Rex by saluting him, along with their newest recruit.[15]

The cavalry on Kaller

Saving the day
"Any orders? Or shall we do what we do?"
―Hunter to Depa Billaba[5]

As the war drew to a close, Hunter and Clone Force 99 were stationed on the planet Kaller, where Republic forces led by Jedi General Depa Billaba were pinned down by the droid army. Billaba's Padawan Caleb Dume was sent to find reinforcements and recruited Clone Force 99, who rolled a boulder down a hill onto the oncoming battle droids. Hunter and Clone Force 99 then emerged from the forest, with Hunter using his vibro-knife and blaster. Hunter then ordered Crosshair to deal with the Armored Assault Tanks, which he did by launching a cable between them, which allowed Wrecker to then push them off a nearby cliff. Clone Force 99 dealt with the remaining battle droids and returned to the Republic trenches, where Hunter suggested that Billaba launch a counterattack. Billaba's subordinate commander CC-10/994, nicknamed "Grey" responded indignantly, reminding Hunter that the general was in command, but Billaba agreed and followed Hunter's advice.[5]

While Billaba's clones advanced Dume introduced his master to Clone Force 99, where she praised the force's abilities. She then inquired about the reinforcements that were expected, but Hunter explained that they were directed to the capital and that Clone Force 99 was their only provision. Tech then revealed that communications were anticipating the potential end of the war, as Jedi Master Kenobi was engaging Separatist General Grievous on Utapau, where Republic victory could result in the collapse of the Confederate command structure. The clones knew they still had to continue fighting on Kaller, and Hunter asked Billaba if she had orders or if they could apply their demonstrated expertise. Billaba asked Dume, who enthusiastically asked if he could join Clone Force 99, although Hunter asked him if he was prepared to move quickly along with them.[5]

Order 66
"What are you doing?"
"Following orders."
"We don't even know what the order is."
―Hunter and Crosshair, after the latter tried to kill Caleb Dume.[5]

Clone Force 99 did not have the chance to participate in further battles. As they ran into the fray, Grey received a transmission from Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine to execute Order 66, an instruction given to clones to terminate the Jedi that was mandated by the inhibitor chips. Dume rushed back to help Billaba, who was surrounded by hostile clones, which the members of Clone Force 99 noticed. From a distance they watched Billaba's death and ran back as Dume ran away, heeding his master's final instruction to run. The Padawan told the clones to stay away from him and ran into the forest, while Hunter called for him to wait. Hunter and the other Clone Force 99 members were unaffected by Order 66 due to their genetic enhancements, and so were confused by the sudden betrayal of the Jedi. Hunter ordered Tech and Echo to talk to Grey to learn what they could, while he and Crosshair followed Dume.[5]


Hunter tried to keep Caleb Dume safe, unaware of the nature of Order 66

The two clones spotted Dume hiding in a treetop; Hunter called for him to come down, but Crosshair, who unlike his compatriots was affected by the inhibitor chips, fired on the Padawan who escaped further into the forest. Hunter asked what Crosshair was doing, to which the sniper insisted that he was following orders. Hunter told him to stand down as they were unclear on what the orders were, while Crosshair muttered the phrase "Good soldiers follow orders." After further pursuit Tech explained via transmission that the clones had been ordered to execute the Jedi in response to treason, an explanation that satisfied Crosshair but left Hunter more confused. Crosshair spotted Dume again and knocked out the tree branch he was under. On the ground Dume and Crosshair fought while Hunter protested, with the clone being knocked down.[5]

Hunter told Dume to stay calm and that he was on his side, but Dume continued to run, unsure who to trust. The Padawan came to the edge of a ravine and turned to face Hunter, who removed his helmet and tried to explain that he was equally confused and not responsible for Billaba's death. Hunter asked Dume to come with him, but as the Padawan heard more clones coming he jumped over the ravine and escaped into the distance. Crosshair woke up and caught up to Hunter, who lied and said he had stunned the Jedi and caused him to fall into the ravine.[5]

Age of the Empire

Return to Kamino

"Is there a problem?"
"No problem. [...] We'll just head to our barracks then."
"Best hurry. There's a mandatory general assembly at 1500."
―A clone shock trooper and Hunter, as the latter seeing a corpse of a Jedi being transported.[5]

As the Marauder returned to Kamino, Crosshair questioned Hunter on his version of events, noticing that the sergeant had not been looking down into the ravine as one would when something had fallen down there. Hunter brushed off Crosshair's interrogation, insisting that he did not enjoy looking. On their home planet Hunter found it odd that clone shock troopers from the Coruscant Guard were present, and learned from one of them that the war had come to an end with Grievous's death on Utapau. Subsequently, as a pair of shock trooper pass by with a cover corpse on a stretcher, a lightsaber fell from it, leaving Clone Force 99 visibly disturbed by the shock trooper's callousness as he picked it up. Hunter quickly dismissed the same shock trooper's concern if there was problem and stated his squad would be returning to their barracks. While Clone Force 99 walked through Tipoca City's halls, Hunter observed that all the other clones were acting strange. Tech attempted to test that theory as he attempted to get the attention of a random trooper only to be rudely shoved aside.[5]

Upon re-entering their barracks, in response to Echo's complaints about the ambient odour in the room, Hunter assured him he would get used to it in time, though Crosshair rudely shoved his way past to make his opinion clear. As Echo and Wrecker begin to debate whether their mission on Kaller was a success, Crosshair called out Hunter for allowing Dume to escape, to which he shamelessly stated he found it wrong to execute their commanders without question and grew suspicious when Crosshair insisted they had to follow orders.[5]

Echo then turned the argument around to the fact that Billaba's clones, who served her loyally for years, would just suddenly turn on her without a second thought. Tech then explained that all clones were programmed to obey orders without questions, but the genetic mutations of Clone Force 99 inadvertently rendered them immune to the effects of the programming. However, Hunter questioned why Echo wasn't affected, as he was a reg before he joined their squad, to which Tech theorized that the damage he sustained on Skako Minor most likely damaged his programming.[5]

The squad as soon summoned to a mass rally where they watched the Proclamation of the New Order delivered by Palpatine, which transformed the Republic into the Galactic Empire. While listening to Palpatine's speech, Hunter spotted a young Human female standing next to Nala Se, who soon vanished when he was distracted by Tech. As they departed the assembly, Hunter remained silent as Echo and Tech briefly debated with Crosshair the change in galactic government when he sensed the same girl approaching them from behind. The girl introduced herself as Omega, who was fascinated by the squad's exploits, addressing each member of the squad by name. As Hunter inquired the reason for her presence on Kamino, Nala Se interrupted, introducing the girl as her medical assistant. As the two parted the squad's presence, Hunter remarked that recent events have grown more and more strange.[5]


Omega tried to befriend the Bad Batch, much to Hunter's confusion.

At a mess hall, Hunter overheard other clones talking about an Imperial arriving to evaluate all the clones and informed his squad upon rejoining them. Suddenly, they were joined by Omega, much to their confusion, as no one ever willingly sat with them before. Confused by her determination to become closer to them, Hunter asked where her parents were. Before she could respond, a passing clone insulted Omega, provoking her into throwing food at the offending clone. Though Hunter managed to de-escalate the situation, Wrecker threw an entire tray for no reason, triggering a brawl that resulted in Echo being knocked.[5]

Clone Force 99 later came to visit Echo in the med bay, where he was being overseen by Omega and AZI-345211896246498721347. As AZ-3 departed, Echo informed everyone that he spotted Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin in the mess hall and forewarned he wasn't a supporter of clones. Hunter informed him that they had been summoned by Prime Minister Lama Su. Though Omega insisted on joining them to take responsibility for the food fight, Hunter told her to keep her distance from his squad.[5]


Tarkin observed Hunter and the other Bad Batch members' unconventional methods of fighting.

Just as Clone Force 99 left the med bay, a squad of shock troopers informed them that they were to report to the training area, as Tarkin wanted to see them in action. To test their mettle, Clone Force 99 took part in a training simulation, which Tarkin escalated to have them fight against live rounds. With their training blasters useless against the new droids, Hunter signaled Tech and Wrecker to recreate a maneuver they used on Felucia. As Hunter and Crosshair drew the majority of the droids' fire, Wrecker, Tech and Echo isolated and reprogrammed one to use its blaster-fire against its compatriots. As the squad seized the momentum, Hunter took down one droid with three stabs of his knife and cut off the arms of a second. However, as one last hostile droid dispatched the reprogrammed unit, knocking Tech off it, Hunter threw his knife at the droid's abdomen, prompting it to fire on him and Crosshair. Ultimately, Crosshair was able to shoot Wrecker's knife into the droid's head, ending the simulation.[5]

A change of heart

Mission to Onderon
"So, the newly declared Empire sent you to wipe us out?"
"Well, we're here to neutralize a group of insurgents."
"Well... Here we are. What are you gonna do? Strike us down like you did the Jedi? [...] Why don't you take a look at the insurgents you were sent to destroy?"
―Saw Gerrera and Hunter, the latter discovering the real nature of his mission.[5]

As they return to their barracks, the squad began to argue with Crosshair at being thrown into a live fire simulation without warning when they were interrupted by Tarkin, forcing them to stand at attention. The Admiral stated that Nala Se spoke highly of her five enhanced clones and assigned them to deal with insurgent forces on Onderon, but gave minimal information about their targets. Prior to the mission, Omega had met Hunter at the docking bay and warned him not to trust Tarkin, but he brushed off her concerns.[5]


The Bad Batch was captured by Saw Gerrera's partisan but was later released.

Upon landing on Onderon, Hunter led his squad towards the supposed Separatist encampment, only to find civilians in place of battle droids. Though most of the squad was confused by this development, Crosshair insisted that Hunter give the order to engagement, but Hunter ordered them to stand down, sensing they were being surrounded by guerrilla fighters. They were then brought to the encampment, where they met Saw Gerrera, who informed the clones of the nature of the new Empire and that he was preparing for civil war, despite Hunter noting that Gerrera's rebellion wouldn't stand a chance against the Empire. Gerrera let the clones leave to choose their own path while his people evacuated.[5]

At the Marauder the clones discussed the developments, with Crosshair expressing contempt for his squad-mates' disobedience, suggesting that Hunter was no longer fit to lead their squad. Hunter soon shot down an Imperial probe droid and realized he should have listened to Omega, whom Tech identified as the fifth enhanced clone Nala Se was referring to. Hunter then made it their new mission to rescue Omega, despite Crosshair's objections.[5]

Escape from Kamino

Upon landing at Tipoca City, the Bad Batch was about to split up to find Omega only to be surrounded by shock troopers as Tarkin accused them of treason and had them imprisoned, where they found Omega in their cell, having been arrested for trespassing in their barracks. Hunter soon became the target of Crosshair's criticism, blaming his decisions for landing them in prison. Hunter told him to stow the debate for later while they figure a way to escape. Unfortunately, Crosshair was taken out to have his inhibitor chip analyzed and its effects enhanced.[5]

Tech soon figured that their cell wasn't fit to hold Wrecker and had him punch a weak point in the wall while the others formed a line to keep his actions concealed. This created an opening large enough for Omega to slip through and she followed Hunter's instructions to make her way through the vents to get to the power switch for the ray shield. Unfortunately, a trio of shock troopers quickly notice Omega's absence, so Hunter claimed ignorance. When the troopers confirmed with the operations center that Omega was still in the detention block, the girl came crashing down from the vent before deactivating the ray shield. After stunning the shock troopers, Hunter stated they needed to find Crosshair, though Tech noted they wouldn't get far without their gear. Fortunately, Omega revealed their gear was moved to the Marauder's hanger, so the Bad Batch went there first.[5]


The Bad Batch, accompanied by Omega, ran away from Kamino, forced to leave Crosshair behind.

Unfortunately, they were confronted by a squad of shock troopers led by none other than Crosshair. As he was criticized for disobeying Order 66, Hunter refused to deny that he did the right thing and refused to surrender. After a tense standoff, Hunter ducked to avoid Crosshair's shot as a blaster fight broke out. As the shock troopers threw smoke bombs, Hunter ordered Wrecker to clear the smoke, allowing him to take down the shock troopers only to be incapacitated by Crosshair. Hunter quickly seized Omega before she could run to Wrecker, warning that he was only using Wrecker as bait. He then ordered Omega to run for the Marauder while he and Echo retrieved Wrecker. This nearly left him an open target for Crosshair only to be narrowly saved by Omega, allowing the squad to board their ship and flee the city.[5]

While in space, as Echo and Tech tended to Wrecker, Hunter noted Omega observing the viewscreen and learned that she had never been off Kamino. As the clones wondered where to go, Hunter stated he was hoping they could go into hiding, which would seem impossible with Crosshair gunning for them. Omega asked if they had any friends they could go to and Hunter affirmed that they knew someone at coordinates J-19.[5]

Visiting the deserter

As they travelled to Saleucami, Hunter and Echo found Omega and Wrecker passed out after they had explored the ship together. While Hunter admired Omega's inquisitiveness, Echo reminded him that she is a child and questioned what to do with her. After landing on the planet, Hunter fondly watched as Omega took joy in things such as fresh air and dirt, having been raised on the water planet of Kamino her entire life. Eventually, the group arrived at Cut Lawquane's farm and were welcomed in. Hunter introduced Echo and Omega to Cut and his family, and explained Crosshair's absence as being complicated. Cut revealed that Rex had passed through the previous day and spoke of behavioral modification chips causing clone troopers to turn on the Jedi, which Omega confirmed the existence of.[10]

The conversation was then interrupted by the arrival of Cut's children, Shaeeah and Jek, whom Hunter encouraged Omega to play with. As they watched the children play catch, Cut questioned Omega's presence with the Bad Batch, suspecting that the Kaminoans created her for a specific purpose, but Hunter insisted it was irrelevant. The retired clone trooper revealed that he planned to move his family off-world to escape the Imperial occupation. Though Hunter offered to provide transport, Cut declined, reasoning that it was too risky to travel with wanted men.[10]


Shortly after the proclamation of the Empire, new rules were implemented, including chain codes to identify civilians.

Later, Hunter and Cut headed into town to book a shuttle. Cut explained that the Imperials had begun impounding both civilian and military ships to prevent citizens from leaving Saluecami undocumented. While browsing produce, a vendor revealed to the duo that travel off-world was impossible due to the new chain code policy. Back at the homestead, Cut's children decided to stop playing after their ball rolled beyond the farm's perimeter. Omega, however decided to run after the ball and retrieve it. After she retrieved the ball, Omega was attacked by a Nexu. Cut, Suu,Hunter and Wrecker were alerted by the children and rushed to Omega's defense. After the predatory creature had been fended off, Hunter angrily reprimanded Omega for wandering off. Cut reminded Hunter that the girl was not a soldier, and instead comforted Omega. Fearing for her safety, Hunter ordered Tech to forge chain codes for Cut and his family, Omega included.[10]

Escape from Saleucami

Hunter and the Bad Batch eventually managed to leave Saleucami.

Subsequently, Hunter was informed over comlink that Tech and Echo had purposely called the Imperial authorities to have Marauder seized to infiltrate the impound lot to acquire the chain codes, much to Hunter's outrage. Despite Tech's reassurances, Hunter informed them that Omega was on the ship. As Tech and Echo secured the codes, Hunter and Wrecker arrived at the checkpoint with Cut and his family. Omega attempted to sneak the codes to Hunter and Cut, but was discovered by an Imperial Astromech droid, and was subsequently saved by Wrecker. Omega managed to deliver the codes, but Hunter reluctantly convinced her to depart off-world with the Lawquanes for her own safety. Meanwhile, Tech, Echo, and Wrecker were discovered by clone stormtroopers and an intense firefight ensued. Hunter rendezvoused with his squad and proceeded to lay down covering fire as Echo and Wrecker attempted to demagnetize the clamps holding down their ship. Before the squad could depart, Omega appeared and ran for the ship, having decided to not leave with Cut and his family. Hunter dispatched the clone stormtroopers that attempted to subdue her and lead her aboard the ship. The group managed to lift off and escaped the planet.[10]

Later, Omega apologized to Hunter and admitted that she had a lot to learn. Hunter admitted that he likewise had much to learn, and affirmed to Omega that she belonged with the squad.[10]

Crash landing on Ordo Moon


Tech and Echo outside replacing the energy capacitor.

The Bad Batch was traveling through hyperspace when Hunter gave Omega and Wrecker some rations. A few moments later, they get thrown out of hyperspace. They crashed on Ordo Moon. Tech thinks their energy capacitor has sustained damage, but they have one spare on board. Omega grabs a box and asks if the energy capacitor is in there. Hunter said it was Crosshair's weapon kit. Wrecker admitted that he missed Crosshair. Tech and Echo then went outside to replace the energy capacitor. After replacing it, the two went inside the ship to report to Hunter that the capacitor was in place, but other systems were failing. The power then went out, and a creature ran across the viewport. Tech said it was an Ordo Moon Dragon. Hunter told Tech and Echo to get the other systems online and Wrecker to stay on the ship.[16]

Hunter and Omega made their way across the moon's surface. Hunter knelt to examine the dust, and Omega asked what he was doing. Hunter replied that he was tracking the missing capacitor, and Omega asked if she could learn to track like him. Hunter told Omega that he has a special mutation and that Tech and Wrecker each possess one. Omega added, "And Crosshair." Hunter scowled, and Omega told him they shouldn't be angry with him as he couldn't help it. Hunter replied that he was angry with himself for leaving Crosshair behind. Omega assured Hunter that they would find a way to get him back.[16]


Omega and Hunter trackings down the missing capacitor.

Later, Hunter and Omega managed to locate the capacitor. As Hunter went to retrieve it, the Ordo Moon Dragon knocked him and ran away with the missing capacitor again. Hunter turned, gasping for air as his breath mask had been knocked off. Omega found his mask and put it back on, but Hunter was already unconscious. She tried to call for help but failed because of the ongoing storm that disrupted the signal. Omega watched as the dragon climbed into a burrow. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed Hunter's blaster and flashlight and slid down the burrow and into the tunnel.[16]

Not long after, Hunter regained consciousness and looked around for Omega, calling her name. Omega realized that the dragon was attracted to the electric charge, so she handed the flashlight to the dragon. As the dragon absorbed the charge, she took the capacitor and made her way out of the tunnel.[16]

With their ship repaired, the Bad Batch took off from the moon. As a surprise, Wrecker refurbished the gunport to Omega's own room. Hunter quickly assured that Omega was a part of the squad.[16]

Quick supply run

While traveling through space, Hunter proposed that they go to Idaflor, but Wrecker argued that the planet is not inhabited, which is why Hunter thought it would be a good hiding place. Omega complained that she'd been stuck on Kamino for her whole life, asking if they could do some exploring. Hunter disagreed and said that they needed to lie low. Tech told them that they were running out of fuel and rations. Since they were no longer serving the Galactic Republic, they were on their own. Echo also warned that the Marauder's signature is on the wanted list.[17]

Tech proposed to scramble the starship's signature. To do so, he needed to land to perform the calculations. He stated that the nearest world is Pantora. Hunter agreed, and the Bad Batch left the ship's deck except for Omega.[17]


The Bad Batch shortly after arriving on Pantora.

The Marauder reached Pantora and descend through the clouds toward a large outpost known as Ro Station surrounded by valleys. As the Bad Batch descended down the gangplank, Wrecker grumbled about being hungry, but tech reminded him that they are there to change the ship's signature. They were greeted by a Sullustan who asked if they are in need of reparations. Tech replied that they are only there for minor calibration and fuel. Wrecker was unhappy about selling their armaments, but Hunter, placed one charge in his backpack, said that it's the only thing they own worth any money. Hunter, aware of Omega's curiosity, clarified that this is a supply run and that they have to move in and out quickly and quietly. Without any of their knowledge, they were being watched by the Sullustan spy.[17]

Hunter, Echo, and Omega watched a column of clone troopers marching by while civilians cheer. When Omega asked what the celebration is about, Hunter explained that they are celebrating the end of the Clone Wars. The clones also saw a recording of Imperial Vice Admiral Rampart encouraging the citizens to register for chain codes and to exchange their Republic currency for Imperial credits at no cost, which they recognized from Saleucami. Hunter thought that they should be fast with their supply run to avoid any unwanted attention.[17]

Hunter tried to sell a pyro denton explosive for 1,800 credits to a Gran merchant. The merchant told Hunter that he should sell it at the black market. While Omega showed Echo a doll she was looking at, the Gran merchant watched them keenly through his two remaining eyes. Mistaking Echo for a droid, he proposed that Hunter should sell him for 2,000 credits. Echo was not enthusiastic about the plan, but Hunter said that once they get all the supplies, he will give him a signal to leave. Echo complied but convinced Hunter to bid for 4,000 credits. They settled the deal at 3,000 credits. After selling his "droid", Hunter realized that Omega is missing and ran after her.[17]

Fugitive of Pantora

Hunter quickly found Omega with a woman, which he told Omega to step away from. The woman replied that she and Omega were getting to know each other before donning her helmet. He and the woman stared each other down as he reach for his knife, but she fired first with her blaster pistol. Hunter then threw his knife at her, who blocked it with an object before dodging another attack from him and taking the knife herself, forcing him on the defensive. As the two fight, Hunter told Omega to run. Just then, Pantoran Security officers arrived, prompting Shand to retrieve her pistol and flee.[17]


Hunter fights against a bounty hunter, Fennec Shand.

Hunter contacted Tech, Wrecker, and Echo that he had lost Omega to a highly trained mercenary. Tech decided to tap into the CCTV system in order to find Omega and the woman. Hunter quickly warned Tech to get the ship ready. As Hunter looked for her, Tech intercepted com chatter discussing reports of a child hanging from a tower in the lower division. Tech conveyed the news to a shocked Hunter. This attracted the Pantoran security officers to pursuit both Hunter and the mercenary. Hunter then stole a speeder bike. The mercenary spotted Hunter weaving through the skyway traffic to reach them. She told Omega to tuck and roll when she fell onto a hovertruck below. He flew to the hovertruck and reached out to Omega. However the mercenary rammed into him using a hijacked airspeeder, causing him to swerve away.[17]

Hunter blasted the engine of the hijacked airspeeder, causing it to explode. He caught Omega as she lost her grip. He then warned her that they are not out of trouble yet, he reversed his speeder bike into the hijacked speeder. He planted a detonator, which caused the speeder to explode. Soon after, they managed to arrive back at the hangar. The Sullustan manager ran out, but unable to stop the Marauder from escaping.[17]

While in space, Hunter told Omega that their opponent was a bounty hunter but is unaware of the identity. Echo explained that a bounty hunter is someone who hunts targets while Tech added that she is the target. Wrecker thought they should not scare Omega. Hunter said that they need to find out who the bounty hunter was and who hired her. Omega wore a worried expression in response.[17]

A new ally


Scaleback offers intel about the unidentified bounty hunter in exchange for a mission.

Tech was fitting Crosshair's comm device and gave it to Omega while the squad was heading for Ord Mantell. They needed to find out why a bounty hunter was after Omega. Echo knew an informant there named Ciddarin Scaleback, a friend of the Jedi. When the squad arrived at the planet's surface, they entered a parlor. They asked the owner if she knew Scaleback, and she said she didn't know him. Hunter, Tech, Echo, and Wrecker talked about what to do while Omega looked around and found out the owner was Scaleback. Scaleback led the squad inside her office. Hunter showed her a hologram of the female bounty hunter. Scaleback said she didn't know her, but she could find out. Scaleback told them if they did a mission, she would find out who the female bounty hunter was. Hunter agreed. Scaleback told them it was a rescue mission, and they had to rescue a child named Muchi from some Zygerrian enslavers. Scaleback gave them more information on an intel stick.[18]

The squad then headed off for the ruins of Old Ord Mantell City. When they arrived, they stood on a cliff using binoculars to look where the child was. Hunter told Echo to be their eyes in the sky and tasked Wrecker to distract the Zygerrian slave traders. Hunter said that he and Tech will grab the rancor. Echo climbed up to the tower, but a large brezak knocked him off. The same brezak used its tail to knock Wrecker off his feet. They quickly got outnumbered and captured in an electric net by the Zygerrians. The Bad Batch was then restrained in electromagnetic restraints. Wrecker managed to loosen his chains only to be shocked by a guard. Next to the clones was a restrained Falleen child who cried after hearing a loud roar from the brezak. Wrecker comforted her by saying that they are the cavalry. Hunter said that they need to signal Omega before she is captured, but unfortunately their gears and weapons were taken away by the Zygerrians.[18]

A few moments later, Tech spotted Omega on top of a building and informed the rest that they don't need a comm to reach her. Omega waved down at them before pointing to a bunch of cables that connected two buildings. The leader of the Zygerrian slavers Raney inspected the captured clones, hoped to sell them for a good price. Echo protested that the Galactic Republic outlawed slavery. Raney countered that they are no longer in the Republic. Noticed what Omega was trying to do, the Bad Batch distracted the Zygerrians slavers. Omega descended down and managed to unlock the cage of an adolescent rancor before getting captured by a Zygerrian guard. The Bad Batch took advantage of the chaos caused by the rancor. Omega got out and approached the Falleen child who she believed to be Muchi, she said that they are here to take her home. Her father, spoke in Falleen quickly pointed out that Muchi was not the Falleen girl, but rather the rampaging adolescent rancor. Hunter told the squad that they need to capture Muchi for the intel provided by Scaleback. Omega noticed the other three slaves and asked about them, Echo replied that he and Omega will get the other slaves to safety while the rest went to look for Muchi.[18]

It didn't take too long for the squad to locate the rancor. They slowly converge on Muchi but Raney descended on the clones with his brezak and scattered them. Muchi tried to charge at the brezak but the brezak whipped the rancor aside with its long tail, causing Muchi to whimper. Raney was about to whip the rancor before Hunter threw him to the ground. Muchi took the opportunity to flee with the brezak in pursuit. Raney confronted Hunter, vowed that he will pay for this. Hunter quickly sent Tech and Wrecker after the rancor. Hunter pulled out his vibro-knife to fight Raney but Raney wrapped around Hunter's right arm with the electro-whip, causing him to drop his knife. However, Hunter managed to push Raney and kicked him to the ground.[18]


The Bad Batch returns Muchi to Bib Fortuna from the Zygerrian slavers.

Meanwhile, Muchi managed to grab onto the brezak and bite it. The rancor flipped the reptavian beast up and down then jumped on it. The brezak quickly flew away in defeat. Wrecker tried to show Muchi dominance by force in order to tame her. The rest of the squad caught up to Tech and Wrecker only to see a struggling Wrecker. The squad gathered up closely as they saw Wrecker and Muchi fighting for dominance. Finally, the rancor dropped from exhaustion and Wrecker patted her to sleep. Hunter complimented Wrecker for his accomplishment. They got back to Scaleback's parlor and saw that Bib Fortuna was eagerly waiting for Muchi's arrival.[18]

Inside, Scaleback revealed to Hunter the identity of the bounty hunter that he faced on Pantora, Fennec Shand. Scaleback explained that Fennec Shand is new to the scene but had already been proven to be ruthless and cunning. When Hunter asked who hired her, Scaleback said that sources in the Bounty Hunter's guild said that she was working on a direct commission. Scaleback warned Hunter that he will need friends and money, emphasizing the latter. Hunter even admitted that they are not exactly swimming in either. Scaleback then gave Hunter a cut. She told him that more credits are available if he is looking for work. Hunter replied that he will think about it. Scaleback remarked that they must be valuable for a bounty hunter of Shand's caliber to be pursuing them, she added that she is good with keeping secrets.[18]

Job on Corellia

Hunt for the droid head
"Tactical droid intel has tremendous value, which is why you're gonna break into the decommissioning facility on Corellia and retrieve one before they're all destroyed."
"He haven't decided if we're gonna work for you or not."
"Allow me to decide for you, you're in."
―Ciddarin Scaleback and Hunter, discussing if the clones are going to be working for her.[19]

Scaleback briefs the Bad Batch about their next mission.

While in the parlor, Omega practiced her shooting ability with the zygerrian energy bow. She retrieved it from a Zygerrian slaver during their previous mission. Regular patrons of the parlor, an Ithorian Bolo and a Weequay Ketch betted on Omega's shot while watching. Echo helped teach her target practice. Omega told Echo that she had gotten three out of twelve, Echo replied that it was luck rather than skill, he added that soldiers need to be consistent. Wrecker commented to Hunter that Omega is not a natural, while Hunter continued to observe the training. Scaleback appeared announcing that playtime is over and kicked the Ithorian and Weequay out. Scaleback asked the squad if they are familiar with a Separatist tactical droid, Tech interjected that they were the brain of the Separatist military shortly before Scaleback snapped that this was her briefing. She tasked the clones to infiltrate a decommissioning facility on Corellia and retrieved a tactical droid intelligence for its tremendous value and before everything got destroyed.[19]

After the briefing, Hunter told Scaleback that they hadn't decided on working for her yet, Scaleback proposed a "mutually beneficial arrangement" in which both parties will make money and that Scaleback will also have their back. She said that it's the best option for them given their current situation and heat on them. Hunter reluctantly agreed, Scaleback reiterated that she already told them they're in. She also told Omega that her "weak noodle arm" was the reason of her poor archery skill, she demonstrated by firing three bullseyes in a row before returning the energy bow to Omega.[19]

The Bad Batch traveled to Corellia aboard the Marauder, while hitching a ride on the underside of a class four container transport. Echo remarked that this is an old trick, but Tech responded that it had gotten them past the planetary sensors every time. Omega asked why a tactical droid is more important than other droids. Echo replied that the more the tactical droid fought, the more they learned and won. The squad disembarked and entered Coronet City's industrial district. They then avoided the patrolling police droids. Hunter said Scaleback did not mention the droids. Tech observed that they are operating on a rotating quadrant scan. He added that if they time it correctly, there will be an entry point in their blind spot. Tech led the squad as they entered the decommissioning facility.[19]

Inside, there were several workers who were fully covered in masks and suits. While exiting a doorway, Wrecker knocked a worker out and hid him. Hunter told Echo and Tech to locate and retrieve the droid, while Wrecker will cover the squad from above. Wrecker complained that it was Crosshair's job, but Hunter responded that it was not a request. Omega asked about what she should do, but Hunter insisted on her to stay and keep watch. While Hunter was on a lookout, Echo found out that only one tactical droid was listed and that the rest had been destroyed. Hunter added that they only have one shot. Echo said that the droid was offloaded in the north end conveyer.[19]


Hunter holding Trace Martez at Gunpoint.

Omega called the squad that she had found the tactical droid on a conveyer belt. She clarified that the droid was already in pieces, but the head was still intact. As she was watching, one of the worker Trace Martez stole the head of the tactical droid. Omega tried to intervene, but Hunter immediately told her to stay put and disengage. Before Omega could intervene any further, another worker Rafa Martez stopped her. Trace ran into Hunter, Tech, and Echo as she descended down a flight of stairs. They immediately held the worker at gunpoint. Tech asked the worker who she is, then Trace unmasked herself asking the same question. A blaster from Omega's energy bow hit a vent and released a gas and workers started to panic. A worker noticed the clones and reported a security breach that caused the facility to go on a full lockdown. The other workers managed to flee behind a blast door as the alarm rang. They all soon found themselves trapped inside the facility. Police droids started to come in, firing at the clones and the two sisters. Omega continued to pursue Rafa, despite Hunter's order. While the clones were exchanging fire with the police droids, Trace took the opportunity to flee. Hunter tasked the other clones to lift up the lockdown and himself to get the droid head.[19]

The chase for the droid head continued as Trace threw the droid to Rafa before Hunter caught her. Rafa bumped a police droid which caused the droid head to fall on a conveyer belt. Omega and Trace raced down the conveyer belt for the head while Hunter shoot down a police droid approaching him and Rafa. Meanwhile, Echo accidentally short-circuited the entire system while trying to lift the lockdown and asked Wrecker to go to the main control panel to reactivate the system. Wrecker managed to reactivate the system which caused the conveyer belt to move and trapped Omega's leg under droid parts. Hunter asked Rafa why she was interested in a tactical droid head, but got no clear answer. Trace snatched the droid head from Omega and ran away. As the conveyer belt moved closer to the smelter, Omega cried for help on comlink. Hunter reassured Omega that he was on his way. Hunter tried to bring down the whole structure of the conveyer belt by connecting it to a support pose with a grappling hook. The conveyer belt was jammed for a bit before taking down a walkway. Omega fell to the second conveyer belt before Hunter could reach her. Trace came back and called out for Omega trying to reach her. Omega used an old B2-series super battle droid's leg as a lever to reach Trace, Hunter then joined in to pull Omega out. Hunter reluctantly thanked Trace.[19]

Temporary truce
"To be honest, things were clearer when we were just soldiers."
"Take it from me. In the end, we all choose sides."
―Hunter and Rafa Martez, about the galaxy changing[19]

Hunter and Rafa form a temporary truce.

Before arguing any further about the droid head, Hunter suggested a truce between the clones and the sisters to get out. Trace said that she needed a diversion. She tinkered with the tactical droid's head to reactivate battle droids. Hunter warned her that reactivating clankers are dangerous, Trace replied that it's not if they are controlling them. However, the tactical droid's signal was too weak to transmit, Tech helped her to boost the signal and started to reprogram the droid. As the police droids converged on them, Wrecker jumped down and took out several police droids. Tech finished the reprogram and Trace commanded the battle droid to attack the police droids. Soon after, battle droids started to converge and attacked the police droids. The clones and the sisters took the opportunity to leave the facility. Trace radioed R7-A7 for a pick up. They ran into more police droids. Trace accidentally dropped the droid head, destroying it. As more police droids and battle droids exchanged fire, they all fled aboard the sisters' ship.[19]


Hunter gives Rafa a data rod containing the intelligence of a tactical droid.

Aboard the ship, both parties were not happy that the tactical droid head was destroyed. Rafa asked if the clones did not know who the were giving the information to, Hunter replied that they were paid to acquire and deliver, not to asked questions. Trace said that their contact needed it to fight against the Empire. Rafa asked why the clones were not fighting for the Empire. Hunter said that not all clones are the same and that they are different, but Rafa doubted by saying that she had heard that before. Later the sisters dropped the clones near the Marauder. Omega invited the sisters to visit them in Ord Mantell. Rafa encouraged Omega to continue practice with the energy bow. After Omega went to the Marauder, Hunter gave Rafa a data rod that contained the intelligence from the tactical droid before it was destroyed. Rafa remarked that the clones are different, Hunter replied that things were clearer during the Clone Wars. Rafa advised that in the end they all take sides. The clones and the sisters departed in their separate ways.[19]

Reunion on Bracca

Ruby heist
"As long as you get paid."
―Hunter, on doing jobs for Scaleback[20]

Sometime later while on a job, the Marauder was pursued by three Rhokai gang starfighters. Hunter asked how long before they could jump into hyperspace, as he manned the rear gun. Tech said that depended on how long for Echo to get the hyperdrive back online. Echo responded that he is working on it. Omega, strapped in next to a cage which was somewhat secured, said she thought that Ruby was getting scared, which prompted Wrecker to express surprise that she named the lizard.[20]

As the pursuit continued, Wrecker asked what was up with their pursuers. Omega pointed out that they did steal from them. Tech responded that the Rhokai stole the lizard and that they were merely "intercepting" it. Hunter countered that the Rhokai didn't see it that way. Due to the chaos and movement, the cage fell and the frightened lizard fled. Ruby jumped onto Wrecker, which prompted him to start panicking too. Omega told Wrecker to stay calm as he was scaring the lizard. Finally, Echo managed to get the hyperdrive back online as Omega secured Ruby back in her the the cage. Tech pulled the lever and the Marauder jumped into Hyperspace.[20]


The Bad Batch receives payments from Scaleback.

Back on Ord Mantell, the Bad Batch showed Ruby to Scaleback. She remarked that the lizard is "strange-looking". Echo asked Scaleback what the client wanted to do with the lizard. She guessed that he might want it as a pet or for a stew, but she added that she didn't care. Hunter remarked as long as Scaleback got paid, she agreed that he started to catch on. Scaleback led them back to her office. As they went to the back, Hunter noticed a hooded figure amongst other patrons in the parlor. Omega and Wrecker sought Hunter's permission to go outside and celebrate after the mission ended to make the former happy. Hunter agreed, but told them to not stay away for too long. Back at Scaleback's office, the Trandoshan gave them a third of the credits that were promised. Hunter and Echo quickly protested, but she replied that she was also promised three times the rate. When Echo asked how this arrangement was mutually beneficial to them, with she responded that she was being generous in light of the debt they owed her.[20]

Hunter questioned what debt she spoke about, leading to Scaleback showing him a datapad of docking fees, port charges, gear, fuel, rations, and 20 cartons of Mantell Mix. She told the clones that she liked them but that she was not running a charity. They would need a big score to get even. When Echo asked for clarification, Scaleback replied that the tactical droid would have made a lot of money but they bungled it up. Scaleback warned them to figure something out before they saw her ugly side. Tech made a quip about her appearance. Scaleback was about to respond, but they heard a blaster-fire inside the bar.[20]

An old friend
"What's in your head is more dangerous than you can imagine."
―Rex, about the capability of the inhibitor chips[20]

Rex meets the squad again on Ord Mantell.

The clones and Scaleback quickly went outside to investigate the noise. They saw Bolo and Ketch fleeing upstairs. Scaleback asked the hooded figure who he was, and the hooded figure revealed himself as the former Clone Captain Rex. Scaleback grumbled about hosting another clone and warned the Bad Batch that she was done taking in strays. As Hunter approached Rex, Echo asked the Captain where he had been. Rex replied that it was a long story. Later, Rex explained that he had been keeping a low profile since the end of the Clone Wars. Tech agreed, saying Imperial files listed Rex as being killed in action. Rex replied that being dead in the Empire's eyes has its advantages. Echo asked him how he tracked them down. Rex told them that Trace and Rafa informed him about a team of rogue clones who helped them on Corellia. He added that the sisters also told him about the clones traveling with a kid. Rex asked who she was. Hunter explained that Omega is also a clone just like the rest of them. As they were talking, Wrecker and Omega returned. Wrecker recognized Rex, which prompted him to give the Captain a bear hug. Hunter introduced Rex to Omega. Rex knelt to talk to Omega, he told her that he has met many clones but never like her. Omega stepped forward and deduced that Rex is a Generation One clone trooper based on the wrinkle lines on his face. Amused, Rex made a quip that he has been around.[20]

Wrecker grimaced and touched his head, asking Tech for another med patch. Tech reminded Wrecker that he used the last one. Rex asked them what happened, Wrecker responded that it was just headache. As Echo noted that the headache were becoming more frequent, Rex took an interest. Tech told Rex that their deviant nature appeared to have impeded the functionality of their inhibitor chip, with the exception of Crosshair. Alarmed, Rex asked the squad if they hadn't removed their chips.[20]

As Tech confirmed, Rex slowly reached for his blaster. He said that the chips made them a threat to everyone, Omega included. As the room became more tense, Rex described the chips as ticking time bombs, Hunter told him to calm down. Having experienced Order 66, Rex warned them that the chips are dangerous. Rex was unwilling to bury more of his brothers because of it. He said that the chips are something they can't control, just like he can't. Omega looked at Hunter, who frowned. Hunter agreed and asked the Captain how they should take out their chips. Relaxed, Rex let go of his blaster, he said that he will be in touch.[20]

Rendezvous on Bracca
"Do we really have to do this?"
"If Rex is sure, we should trust him."
―Wrecker and Hunter, about Rex and his knowledge of the inhibitor chips[20]

Later, the Marauder traveled through the hyperspace. While Wrecker clutched his head in pain, Omega assisted Tech with some tools as he work on the chip scanner. Wrecker was uneasy about the plan, but Hunter reminded him that they agreed to meet Rex on Bracca. As Wrecker grumbled, Hunter asked Tech about the progress of the scanner, to which he replied that he was able to establish a baseline from Rex's brain scan to theirs; taking into account of any cellular anomalies. Wrecker was still unsure about the procedure, but Hunter assured him that they should trust Rex.[20]

Bad Batch and Rex on Bracca

Rex leads Hunter and the rest of the squad through the wreckage on Bracca.

The Marauder soon descended into Bracca. Echo picked up Rex's beacon as they flew over a massive starship salvage yard. They landed on a scrappy hangar and saw a parked Y-wing starfighter, Rex waited and greeted Hunter and the other clones as they arrived. Rex led the clones to a wrecked Venator-class Star Destroyer and told them that he removed his chip in a similar cruiser. Curiously, Wrecker asked why they landed far away from the actual destination, before anyone could reply Hunter spotted a hover barge and took cover to hide. Tech identified the craft and said that it belonged to the Scrapper Guild. Rex explained that the guild controlled the planet and the importance to stay hidden from them, finally answering Wrecker's question. The clones then headed deeper into the wreckage of the capital ship.[20]

Deep in the wreckage

As the clones walked through the wreckage, Rex told Echo about Fives and his warning about the chip during the Clone Wars. Rex asked how the the Bad Batch knew about the existence of the chips in their head, Echo replied that Omega told them about the chips which surprised Rex. As they traversed further, Hunter sensed a movement coming from an area submerged with water and warned Tech to stay above the waterline. They entered the ship's corridor, Rex then told the clones that he had help with the removal of his chip.[20]

Later, They were stopped by a large gap leading all the way down to the water below. The medical bay being on the opposite end of the gap, Rex improvised and used a cable to cross over the steep gap. The clones slowly and steadily crossed to the other end of the corridor, except for Wrecker. Due to his fear of heights, Wrecker was reluctant but eventually decided to cross over as well.[20]

Personality and traits

"All right, what are your orders? We pick them off from the treeline one by one?"
"Actually, I was thinking we'd take a page from your book. Rush them head on."
"I like your style."
―Hunter and Rex during the Battle of Anaxes — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Hunter was a skilled fighter

Hunter was the nickname of a clone commando whose serial number remained a secret, not being told to others.[21] A little gruff, but not unfriendly, Hunter habitually expressed himself in straight words,[2] although, at times, he did show a sense of humor.[14] Hunter was described as strong and stoic.[3] During the battle of Anaxes, Hunter played a role as a mediator between the regular clones, such as Jesse and Rex, and the members of Clone Force 99. The sergeant had to deescalate rising tensions that resulted in physical actions, reminding the clones that they were on the same side.[2][14]

When Order 66 was initiated, Hunter was reluctant to follow it, and tried to keep the young Padawan Caleb Dume safe from the other clones. He was initially annoyed by the young enhanced clone Omega, warning her to stay away from them since the squad was "nothing but trouble." However, Hunter took a liking to her and insisted on returning to Kamino to retrieve her even though it placed his squad at great risk, saying she was one of them.[5] Hunter would then develop a strong bond with Omega, becoming very protective and acting as a parental guardian towards her.[22]

Hunter demonstrated a strong sense of morality and knowledge of right and wrong, to the point of disobeying orders he felt were unjust. When Crosshair, one of Clone Force 99's members, turned on his own team and berated them for letting Caleb Dume live, Hunter responded without hesitation that he did what he felt was right. Similarly, he refused to eliminate the "insurgents" that Tarkin sent them to eliminate on Onderon, because they were civilians and refugees, not soldiers.[5]

Hunter's appearance, unlike that of other members of Clone Force 99, closely resembled that of regular clone troopers and of his progenitor Jango Fett.[23] Other clone troopers such as Jesse could not identify his distinctions from a regular clone trooper by comparison to the rest of Clone Force 99.[2]

The entire left side of Hunter's face was tattooed with half of a skull. He had longish dark brown hair, and wore a red bandana at most times with a small white skull symbol.[2]

Skills and abilities

"Well, maps can be wrong. Hunter never is."

Hunter's mutations granted him enhanced senses that allowed him to perceive electromagnetic frequencies, which meant while maps of enemy-controlled regions may be wrong, he rarely was. His mutation was especially useful during the Clone Wars to track droids' electromagnetic fields.[1] Hunter was an agile fighter, able to perform flips and kicks while coordinating his blaster-fire and strikes with his weapons.[2] He was incredibly skilled with a number of weapons, but his favorite was his vibro-knife.[24]


Hunter AG

Hunter's armor and vibro-knife

In combat, Hunter regularly utilized a DC-17 hand blaster,[2] a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System,[9] a vibro-knife,[24] and during a mission in Corellia he carried another DC-17 hand blaster. He also demonstrated familiarity with weapons employed by enemy combatants, in particular, the E-5 blaster rifle and the DC-15a blaster carbine. Although combat-proficient with blasters, the sergeant preferred to engage opponents with his knife at close quarters. As an experimental clone commando, he wore a set of modified Katarn-class Commando Armor.[2] Hunter also wore a green tunic to blend himself amongst civilians.[17]

A few months following the bombardment on Kamino, Hunter alongside the rest of the squad had a new paint job for their armors. Hunter had a lot more color variety on his armor with stripes of orange and blue, further disassociating his past life as a soldier.[25]

Behind the scenes

Hunter Bad Batch

Concept design of Hunter

George Lucas envisioned the Bad Batch as a version of The Dirty Dozen with clones. Dave Filoni sketched their appearances, which Brent Friedman and Matt Michnovetz used to imagine the Bad Batch's voices and personalities. Matt and Brent worked with Dave to flesh out the characters and their story, where Hunter was inspired by the character of Billy Sole from the 1987 film Predator.[26]

Clone Force 99 was supposed to be introduced in a four-episode arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars season seven before it got cancelled. The story reel was initially released during Celebration Anaheim, and later on StarWars.com for everyone to see. The arc would later be finished for the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Hunter on kashyyyk

Hunter, preparing to engage the beasts with Echo in the unfinished episodes on Kashyyyk

Hunter was to appear in a four-episode arc written by Michnovetz[27] which starred the Bad Batch which now included "Echo", alongside Yoda on Kashyyyk. At the "Untold Clone Wars" panel at Celebration Anaheim, Dave Filoni talked about the plot of the arc. He revealed that the characters would ride on "giant ape lizards" that were holy to the Wookiees. In one scene Tarfful would ask the tree spirits for permission to go into battle against the enemy, which was a Trandoshan and the Separatist Alliance. To get the enemy out of some of their cities they would have to burn some of the trees. The clones had no problem with it, but it was upsetting to the Wookiees. A part of the arc would be about the clones and the Wookiees finding a common ground to fight the Separatists. A story-reel clip was shown at the panel, which showed the Bad Batch and other Wookiees riding on the "ape lizards" called mylayas[28] and battling a new creature called netcasters[28] that was originally based on kinraths from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game.[29][30]

A few elements from the unfinished arc would later be reworked and appeared in "Tribe", the sixth episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch's second season. One example of the rework was the complete behavioral change for the netcasters. The creature seemed intelligent and neutral, unless provoked.[28]

In The Light Side comic strip of Star Wars Insider 222, a human attended the Lothal County Fair and got their face painted like Hunter's by Sabine Wren. The individual was on their phone as C1-10P, painted to look like Darth Maul, chased someone dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi.[31]


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