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The Hunter-Killer probot, also known as the H-K probot, was a bizarre evolution of the more common Viper probe droid. Produced by Arakyd Laboratories, they were commonly used as autonomous patrol vehicles near Imperial worlds.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Hunter-Killer schematics.

Shaped roughly like its design predecessor, the Hunter-Killer was a technological monstrosity scaled up to capital ship-size. The interior of each droid was designed to be a detainment platform for captured starships, with tractor beam projectors covering the droid's outer hull, ready to drag wayward ships into one of several internal docking bays.

Following capture, prisoners would be held inside the droid, until the Imperial officer in charge was notified of the capture and had determined the appropriate course of action. They were often used with Imperial Customs Frigates and Guardian-class patrol ships.

However, like capital-ships, it possessed a design flaw: Someone imprisoned could gain access and hijack a Hunter-Killer probot via its control room and thus it creates the risk of it turning against the Empire.

History[edit | edit source]

A Hunter-Killer probot around the Emperor's Citadel on Byss.

After the Viper probe droids proved successful at locating Rebel bases, Arakyd gambled by producing a massive 150 meter droid. The H-K found great favor in the Empire, used to capture smugglers and Rebel ships.

A number of Hunter-Killers were stationed around Byss after Palpatine's return. A notable flaw in the design was exploited when a smuggler being held inside an H-K broke into the control room, and took control of the droid.

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