Hunter-Seeker droid final concept art

Concept art

The Hunter-Seeker droid was an unusual droid starfighter employed by the Trade Federation as a defensive unit. Their primary aim was the protection of the C-9979 transports. Developed by the time of the Invasion of Naboo, the design was based upon the Droideka.

They were most often deployed in space in their wheel form, concealing their weapons. There they would float until the enemy approached, at which point they unfolded into attack positions.

Though very hazardous when in groups, Hunter-Seeker droids could be taken out by a single blast from a normal starfighter laser cannon.

The mercenary Vana Sage encountered Hunter-Seeker droids on her mission to Eos shortly before the Battle of Naboo, where they were used as 'observer droids' overseeing her tests of the then-new Scarab-class droid starfighter. Once the tests were complete, the Trade Federation employed mercenaries in an attempt to kill Sage, and deployed the droids to attack her; however Sage proved more than capable of defending herself, and investigated further the factories on the planet below. Many Hunter-Seekers were deployed here in defense of the Trade Federation mining installation, where they were deployed from specialized dispensers. Some units participated in the Battle of Felucia in 19 BBY.

Behind the scenesEdit


Concept art

The first iteration of the concept art, developed for the 2001 video game Star Wars: Starfighter, was devoid of a scorpion tail, though the art was obviously the basis of the model. Later versions refined the design into that seen in the finished game.

The first appearance of the droids in Star Wars: Starfighter is in the mission 'Contract Infraction'; shooting them when they are still in ball mode during the Scarab testing will cause the Trade Federation official overseeing the tests to claim 'contract infraction!', hence the title.