"Turbolaser batteries across the fleet are holding well, commander."
―Gorr, to Zahra[3]

The Hunter Fleet,[8] also known as the Hunter Squad,[7] was an assault group of the Galactic Empire that was formed after the Battle of Hoth during the Galactic Civil War The group was commanded by Commander Ellian Zahra and was tasked with destroying the armada of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[1] and operated all over the galaxy. Shortly after the Duel on Cloud City, Zahra managed to track down the Fourth Division and the Eighth Division, attacking them simultaneously.[3]

The Eighth Division was destroyed by Zahra's forces in a battle near Malastare, while the Fourth Division suffered 10% casualties during the battle at Rendezvous Point Delta-Three since it managed to escape, thanks to the arrival of the Millennium Falcon.[3] Afterwards, the Tarkin's Will destroyed the Sixth Division.[5]

The battle group were chased away during the battle at Elessia by the combined fire power of the Fourth and Seventh Divisions.[1] Later they lost the Ultima II when Admiral Kalaxo and Lieutenant Bonnard were killed in action onboard their ISD by Starlight Squadron during the battle on Ab Dalis where they tried destroying the Eleventh Division during Operation Starlight.[4]

The fleet consisted of at least four Imperial-class Star Destroyers including it's flagship the Tarkin's Will, as well as fourteen Arquitens-class command cruisers. The fleet was also bolstered by an Interdictor vessel that was used in the destruction of the Eighth Division. In addition, among Ellian Zahra's naval forces were TIE fighters of the TIE/ln and TIE/rb models.[3]

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