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"True hunting is in the eye. Stare at prey. Make the prey cower. Know you can eat it alive. Victory without weapons… but only if you are stronger, yes?"
Illegal Hunting SaV

A group of sentients hunting illegally

Hunting was the activity of chasing and killing wild animals for food, sport, or profit.[2] On the forest moon of Endor, the native Ewoks would venture out from their treetop villages to the forest floor to hunt for food. They used a variety of hunting methods to catch prey, including traps.[3] There existed models of blasters specifically designed for hunting.[4] The former senator Johhar Kessen was considered a legendary hunter.[2] Usually, only non-sentient beings were hunted, but certain criminals would sometimes hunt sentients illegally. Garnac, leader of a Trandoshan hunting lodge, was known to abduct sentients from all over the galaxy, including Jedi Apprentices, and bring them to the moon Wasskah, where he hunted them down for sport.[5] Lexim owned a hunting ground on a forest planet.[6]



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