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"Don't worry, Ahsoka, we'll catch Gunray yet."
"Good hunting."
Kit Fisto and Ahsoka Tano[src]
Illegal Hunting SaV

A group of sentients hunting illegally

Hunting was the activity of chasing and killing wild animals for food, sport, or profit.[1] On the forest moon of Endor, the native Ewoks would venture out from their treetop villages to the forest floor to hunt for food. They used a variety of hunting methods to catch prey, including traps.[2] There existed models of blasters specifically designed for hunting.[3] The former senator Johhar Kessen was considered a legendary hunter.[1] Usually, only non-sentient beings were hunted, but certain criminals would sometimes hunt sentients illegally. Garnac, leader of a Trandoshan hunting lodge, was known to abduct sentients from all over the galaxy, including Jedi Apprentices, and bring them to the moon Wasskah, where he hunted them down for sport.[4] Lexim owned a hunting ground on a forest planet.[5]



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