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A Kashyyyk greyclimber in a hunting trap

"I hope there's nothing out there that's particularly hungry."
"I wouldn't count on that. But from what I know about Rodia, the locals have hunted all the big beasties to near extinction."
Shella Rinou and Kelric[1]

Hunting was the action of trapping or killing creatures. Hunting was often a leisure sport on civilized planets but a necessary skill for survival on primitive worlds. Often the hunted quarry would be used for food or apparel. Those who hunted large creatures were known as big-game hunters. On some planets with deeply traditional cultural system, such as Kashyyyk, hunting certain creatures was a sacred rite. Those who hunted sentient life-forms were known as bounty hunters.

On Kashyyyk, young Wookiee warriors would single-handedly hunt the Katarn, a quick and deadly creature, to prove their worth. On the forest moon of Endor, the native Ewoks would venture out from their treetop villages to the forest floor to hunt for food. They used a variety of hunting methods to catch prey including traps.[2]

It could be very profitable if large or rare animals were hunted. Many creatures, however, were illegal to be hunted. With such a large galaxy, though, galactic hunting regulations could only do so much.[source?]

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