A Hurlothrumbic Generator was a fear-inducing device developed by the Galactic Empire. The device produced energy waves which made the Human brain to react with different levels of fear, depending on the setting. It was initially designed by Doctor Lorenz Hurlothrumb after the Battle of Yavin. Finance for its development was provided by Moff Bandor, who also wanted to lead the test phase.

Bandor also programmed a "doomsday" mode, in which the fear waves increased significantly prior to the generator's destruction. He wanted to develop powerful waves to drive every Human on Questal mad with fear. Bandor used the Hurlothrumbic Generator on Rebel prisoners Rogan and Tay Vanis. Both of them ended mindless. However, they could be rescued and recovered in time. Bandor was captured by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and the only known operative model of the Hurlothrumbic Generator was abandoned.



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