A Hurikanean hands Mace Windu some Hurrikaine crystals

Hurrikaine crystals were deep blue to violet lightsaber crystals from the planet Hurikane admired for their unparalleled beauty. When used in lightsabers, they created blades that were very good at penetrating defenses.

MaceWindu CN

Mace Windu lightsaber made with Hurrikaine crystals

In 58 BBY, a young Mace Windu was sent to Hurikane on a mission as a Padawan. In exchange for helping the stone-encrusted native species, Windu was given a handful of the rare amethyst Hurrikane crystals, which he used to create his unique electrum lightsaber. The Windu's Guile crystal was later named in honor of the Jedi Master.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Hurrikaine" crystals appear in Knights of the Old Republic II, and possess many of the attributes associated with Mace Windu's lightsaber, including its amethyst color.



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