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Hurrim Base was the center of operations for the Hurrim. It was destroyed by the Rebels in 3 ABY.

Defense and strength[edit | edit source]

The base was heavily defended by Asteroid Laser Batteries and Asteroid Warhead Launchers, as well as several capital ships. Among their defenses were:

History[edit | edit source]

The Hurrim Base was an XQ1 Platform located in the middle of an asteroid field. It was the nerve center for the Hurrim and the home of its leader, Golov Nakhym.

In the months preceding the Battle of Endor, the Hurrim were removed from Dunari's trading empire. The Hurrim responded by capturing many of Dunari's staff members and imprisoning them on the Hurrim Base. They also captured several Alliance cargo vessels, including six Mobquet medium transports under the group name Vemmer.

The Hurrim Base remained hidden from Rebel eyes before being uncovered by Dunari and Alliance Intelligence, prompting a massive strike on the station. The Alliance then captured Golov Nakhym, who tried to escape on the shuttle Lendros.

After the hostages were saved, the defenseless Hurrim Base was destroyed, finally ending the treachery of the Hurrim.

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