The Hush-About AJP-400, also known simply as the Hush-About Personal Jetpack, was a personal jetpack manufactured by Arakyd Aerodynes, Inc.


Arakyd Aerodynes, Inc.'s Hush-About AJP-400 was a lightweight and streamlined jetpack which featured a single jet engine. Straps looped around the wearer's shoulders to secure the unit on their back, with a belt that could be fastened around the waist. Control of the unit was managed by an armature mounted on the right side of the jetpack that the operator could control with their hand.[1]

A fully-fuelled Hush-About could hold a maximum of ten charges. Each charge could lift the jetpack a maximum of 200 meters vertically or 500 meters horizontally. The unit could also be run on a continuous charge-feed.[1]

The Hush-About AJP-400 cost between 1,800[1] and 3,750 credits for the jetpack.[2] Each power pack recharge and coolant refill cost a further 150 credits. A portable carrying case for the jetpack could also be purchased for another 150 credits.[1]

The jetpack was considered to be virtually soundless, using Sound bafflers and auditory dampeners to reduce the noise generated by the Hush-About. Picking up the noise from the unit was difficult for auditory pickups.[1]


The Hush-About AJP-400 was designed for travel in urban environments where noise ordinances would prohibit standard rocket and jetpack use. Although designed for commercial use,[1] the Hush-About was used by agents opposed to the Galactic Empire while conducting espionage and sabotage missions.[2] The Galactic Empire used the AJP-400's around 0 ABY.[3]



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