A Hutt counselor was a person of authority appointed to conduct business on behalf of a Hutt ruler. The position was originally created to halt the constant violent conflicts that would occur among the Kajidics during the time of the Galactic Republic. These individuals would usually be non-Hutts with extensive knowledge of Hutt politics, its complexities, and the business itself. Due to the nature of the job, these counselors would usually remain with the family they were appointed to serve. This was because of the sheer volume of information about inter-clan politics making it taxing for an individual to constantly update themselves when serving a new family. In exchange for being offered the job, the Hutts demanded complete loyalty from their counselor, and breach of this would usually result in a quick death. However, a Hutt was not to kill a counselor who had been unwillingly used to embarrass or cheat the Hutt Empire; penalties for this could be severe, as was learned by members of the Vermilic clan.


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