"Looks like they stopped chasing us. Wonder why they..."
"Because you're in Hutta Town now. Which means you and that pretty saber of yours... Belongs to Grakkus the Hutt."
Luke Skywalker and Grakkus[1]

Hutta Town was the capital of the ecumenopolis moon Nar Shaddaa. It consisted of huge tower blocks that thrust up into the brown polluted air of the moon, with every available space between the structures filled with teetering shanty towns known as skyslums. The area was entirely illuminated by neon signs and holo-displays, with transports filling the skies, not restricted to docking areas or by any form of engine emissions control.[2]

Garbage barges moved between the different buildings collecting the waste of those who hired their services. These customers were unconcerned with the fact that the barges were often overflowing with dianoga-infested waste that fell onto others, caring only that they did not have to deal with the waste any longer.[2] During the Galactic Civil War it was controlled by Grakkus, a Hutt crime lord.[1]

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