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"One Evocii dares call himself Huttsbane. He raids my holdings and hides in a swamp village."
Suudaa Nem'ro[src]

"Huttsbane" was a male Evocii and an enemy of the Hutt Cartel during the Cold War. In 3643 BBY, he resided in a village near Jiguuna on Nal Hutta.


"Be careful, little bounty hunter. Huttsbane once blasted into other palace. Killed pile of captains--murdered a mighty Hutt!"

Detesting the Hutts' enslavement of his people, Huttsbane openly opposed Suudaa Nem'ro and the entire Hutt Cartel, even breaking into a palace and murdering an unnamed Hutt. Nem'ro, believing the Hutts to be the rightful masters of the Evocii, dispatched an aspiring bounty hunter seeking sponsorship for the Great Hunt, to track down Huttsbane and bring back his head.

When the bounty hunter fought through hoards of Huttsbane's comrades in the village of Baratatta and confronted him, the village's Spirit-Leader attempted to break a compromise, explaining the Evocii's plight and appealing to the Hunter's sense of honor.

The hunter, however, followed through on the contract and killed Huttsbane, bringing his head before Nem'ro.

Behind the scenes[]

"Here is the head of a fallen warrior. Nem'ro is a great fool. He will accept it as Huttsbane's. Now please, go."
―The Spirit-Leader gives the Hunter the head of a fallen Evocii as a substitute for Huttsbane's.[src]

The player has the option of agreeing to the Evocii elder's compromise of allowing the hunter to take a head from another fallen Evocii instead of killing Huttsbane.



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