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"This is Huulik's lightsaber, I believe. We buried it with him since we didn't know what else to do with it."
―Taneetcha Soonta to Luke Skywalker[1]

Huulik's lightsaber was a lightsaber wielded during the Clone Wars by the Rodian Jedi Knight Huulik. After his demise following the execution of Order 66, the weapon was entombed along with its owner in an unmarked mausoleum on Rodia. Almost twenty years later, the late Rodian's niece Taneetch Soonta retrieved the lightsaber from Huulik's tomb and offered it to the aspiring Jedi Luke Skywalker. However, the weapon's new owner accidentally rendered it useless while trying to deconstruct it.


The lightsaber of the Jedi Knight Huulik was designed for use by a Rodian, which made it rather uncomfortable in a human's hand. The weapon's hilt had a matte-black finish to it, and contained multiple kyber crystals that generated a vibrant amethyst plasma blade.[1]


Huulik possessed his amethyst-bladed lightsaber as early as the end of the Clone Wars, some 19 years before the Battle of Yavin. When Palpatine, Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, betrayed the Jedi and ordered them killed, Huulik was shot by his men. Although he did manage to set course for his homeworld of Rodia, he died on the way. His family entombed him in the jungle, and they buried his lightsaber with him as they did not know what else to do with it.[1]

Almost two decades later, during the Galactic Civil War, Huulik's niece Taneetch Soonta accompanied Rebel agent Luke Skywalker to the tomb. She gave the aspiring Jedi the lightsaber, noting that it did no good sealed away. Shortly after receiving the weapon, Skywalker used it alongside his own to decapitate an aggressive ghest that had destroyed one of the speeder bikes the pair had arrived on before entering the mausoleum. After the encounter, Skywalker deconstructed the lightsaber at a workbench in his room in Toopil in an effort to better understand its inner workings.[1]

However, the would-be Jedi accidentally knocked the weapon's kyber crystals out of alignment, rendering it useless. Skywalker had his R2 series astromech droid R2-D2 take holo stills of the device as he worked on it for future review, before placing its components in a small bag after Laneet Chekkoo burst in, warning him that the Empire had placed a planetwide alert on his ship, the Desert Jewel.[1]



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