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Rystáll Sant, a human-Theelin hybrid

The term hybrid had at least two related uses. As individuals, hybrids were sentients with parentage from two different species.

Applied to species or races, the term hybrid meant the species or race was descended from individual hybrids of different species. Individuals of hybrid species or races could also be called hybrids in this sense.


Hybrids who were half-and-half, with each parent a full member of a different species, could look wildly different despite having the same basic genetic makeup. In the case of Twi'lek-human hybrids, Shaeeah Lawquane looked almost fully Twi'lek, with her mottled skin color the only giveaway to her hybrid physiology, while her brother Jek possessed both lekku and eyebrows,[1] which full male Twi'leks lacked.[2] Jacen Syndulla, however, looked almost completely human apart from bright green hair and a slight green tint in parts of his skin, notably the tips of his ears.[3]

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Known hybrids[]

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Star Wars Helmet Collection 76 stated that Aurra Sing was a near-human hybrid,[12] however, this was later changed with the identification of the Palliduvan species in Star Wars Resistance and Sing was confirmed to be a member of that species.[13]


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