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Hydrostatic bubbles were bioengineered by the Gungans to construct underwater cities such as Otoh Gunga.[2]


Hydrostatic bubble technology was developed by the Gungans when they were forced underwater by the Grizmalltian colonists who dominated Naboo. The bubble functioned by projecting a membrane-field which displaced water and prevented the entry of foreign objects through the bubble's except at specific entry portals.[1] The base of each bubble was comprised of a lightweight alloy lattice and transparisteel that contained the bubble's generator. Varying in size, the average-sized bubbles were projected by utanodes; while larger versions were generated by a kernode assembly. [2] The underside of the base consisted of a long, pointed spire where counterweights and repulsor field generators worked to keep the bubble upright and stable.[1]

The evolution of the technology eventually saw it adapted for use in vehicles and military shields.[3]

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In Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, they are referred to as hydrostatic force field bubbles.



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