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"They targeted the south support! What are those fool droids doing?!"
―The Keeper questioning the Hyena bombers[6]

The Hyena-class bomber, also known simply as the Hyena droid bomber, Hyena Droid or Hyena bomber, was a droid bomber used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a heavy ordnance craft during the Clone Wars. The Hyena bomber also was used as a fighter, but only when needed. Due to its restricted availability, the Hyena-class bomber was missing in many key battles. The bomber saw service in different campaigns on planets such as Christophsis, Falleen and Ryloth.


Hyena-class bomber in "walker" mode.

The Hyena-class bomber was similar in design to the Vulture-class fighter, but had a broader fuselage and two "head" units.[7] Unlike the Vulture Droid, the Hyena bomber's wings separated in the middle while in "walker" mode.[4] Underneath the second, immobile head, there appeared to be a red photoreceptor protruding from the blue hull. The Hyena-class bomber was capable of carrying at least two[4] proton bombs,[2] six proton torpedoes and six light concussion missiles inside the bomb bay beneath the hull. The Hyena bomber also carried two light laser cannons which eliminated the need for fighter escort.[1]


The Hyena-class bomber was originally designed as an air-to-surface bomber.[1] With its twin laser cannons and maneuverability, the Hyena bomber also was used as a fighter but only to support other fighters.[8][9]


"It appears a surrender is unnecessary. We will all perish for the glory of the Separatist Alliance."
Wat Tambor to Mace Windu, as Hyena bombers approach[4]

The Hyena bomber was first introduced in 22 BBY as a cheaper, more maneuverable bomber by Baktoid Armor Workshop at the beginning of the Clone Wars.[1] Ten of these bombers were first stationed aboard the flagship Invincible of Admiral Trench during the blockade of Christophsis. They were later used to bomb the surface.[5]

The Hyena-class bombers were seen during the Battle of Falleen, early in the Clone Wars. The Separatists completely eradicated the Republic force stationed there and proceeded to attack the fortress of the King. There, they shelled the capital, but could not penetrate the defensive shield surrounding the palace of the Falleen King.[10]

After a Separatist Starship flew over Florrum, the Hyena bomber proved itself as a fighter. The Separatists deployed Hyena bombers along with other droid starfighters with the mission to shoot down Aayla Secura's recon ship that was tasked with a recon mission. The gunship shot down all of the bombers and other craft including Bounty hunter Shahan Alama, then returned to Secura's ship.[9]

Hyenas receive orders to bomb Lessu while in flight.

The Hyena-class bombers also found use during a battle on planet Kadavo. Lead by Asajj Ventress in her ship the Trident, a squad of bombers was tasked with destroying a Kadavo slave processing facility. The bombers managed to take out one support cable causing the structure to become unstable and toppled several Togruta slaves into lava. The bombers then turned around and began to attack again, but were then destroyed when a Clone trooper shot a proton bomb underneath one of the bombers. After having her bomber squad destroyed, Ventress requested more from General Grievous who was in the process of retreat. Ventress then proceeded to attack but was forced to follow Grievous in retreat.[6]

Bombers were also in use during the Battle of Ryloth. First, Hyena bombers were ordered to carpet bomb all of the Twi'lek villages, as a last ditch effort to destroy what couldn't be taken. While regrouping, Commander CC-6454 witnessed one of these attacks and reported it to General Mace Windu. Windu then ordered Anakin Skywalker to take a Republic squadron and eliminate the bombers. Before Separatist leader Wat Tambor fled the city, his Tactical droid ordered a nearby group of Hyena-class bombers in flight to destroy the capital city of Lessu, and Tambor himself. The bombers were in sight of the city but were destroyed at the last second by Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano.[4]

Hyena bombers were also used by HELIOS-3D in his Droid Army over the planet of Iego. They attacked a lone scout fighter sent by General Kenobi to report on the mysterious activity in an area called "The Thicket". The lone fighter destroyed the bombers and other droid forces sent by HELIOS-3D. The fighter returned and Generals Skywalker and Kenobi began to board HELIOS-3D's capital ship. After having his forces defeated, the droid transferred his consciousness into a B1-Series battle droid and left his body in his command ship.[8]

A heavily damaged Hyena committing a suicide run.

These bombers were also present at the Battle of Malastare, where they attacked Republic AT-TEs and other targets. Many of the Hyena bombers were shot down by stun tanks but the disabled bombers ended up crashing into Republic armored columns, achieving much the same effect, weakening the Republic forces during the battle. It was only the use of the experimental electro-proton bomb that secured a Republic victory, although its use awoke a fearsome Zillo Beast.[11]

Hyena bombers were commanded by Ventress in the Battle of Sullust against a Republic fleet led by both Skywalker and Kenobi. After Ventress personally joined the battle and engaged the two, Count Dooku was ordered by Darth Sidious to have his elite assassin eliminated. TJ-912, the tactical droid in charge of Ventress' forces, was assigned this task by the Count. After ordering her destroyer to fire upon the command ship where Ventress and the two Jedi dueled, TJ-912 contacted one of her bombers and ordered it to calculate its flight path to terminate in the flagship's main hangar. The bomber then flew directly through cannonfire and went flying on its suicide run into the hangar as commanded, crashing and almost hitting Skywalker, Kenobi and Ventress, who barely managed to jump out of its way. Despite the immense damage to the command ship and the suicide bomber, the three combatants were able to escape the dreadnaught's destruction.

During the Battle of Dathomir several landing craft and Vulture Droids launched from the Separatist supply ship and headed towards Dathomir. Soon when the battle started Ventress saw droid fighters in the sky. A couple of Hyena bombers bombed the surface of Dathomir, damaging the entrance to the Nightsister fortress.

Hyena bombers were also seen in the invasion of Scipio. The Hyena bombers were used for the first attack on Scipio. The Vulture Droids and Hyena bombers flew on to the planet and bombed the cruiser and then stayed there with the Vultures. Soon when Anakin lead his attack on Scipio, a squad of Z-95 Headhunters lead by Hawk headed to the Separatist ships. Several Vulture Droids and Hyena bombers launched from on top of the Count Dooku's Dreadnaught and his Separatist supply ships. The Hyena bombers passed the Headhunters while the Vulture Droids engaged them. When Count Dooku retreated with his ships, the Hyena bombers and Vulture Droids left too while Anakin and his gunships passed. When Anakin's gunships were closer to the landing platform on Scipio, Several Vulture Droids and Hyena bombers that stayed launched and headed towards the Gunships and Hawk's fighters. The Hyena bombers were destroyed at first which then only left the Vulture Droids to engage the Headhunters.

Behind the scenes[]

The Hyena droid bomber was first revealed through images of its LEGO model in 2009. It can also be briefly seen in the non-canon video LEGO Star Wars: The Quest for R2-D2.



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