"Xer, unfurl your flags, reveal your fleet."
―Queen Hylei Indrexu Cortess, in The Pirate Prince.[src]

Hylei Indrexu Cortess, often called just Indrexu, was the queen of Ranroon circa 25,100 BBY.[1]

She became a legend in the Tion Cluster for her resistance to Xim the Despot's conquests. Her forces fought Xim's janissaries bravely in the fierce Battle of Ranroon but were eventually defeated.[1]


The Ihala Spiral was renamed Indrexu Spiral by Xim in honor of the Queen, as well the Far Indrexu, the region conquered after Indrexu's defeat,[1] and the Queen of Ranroon, Xim's treasure ship.[2]

No historical figure in the Tion Cluster, not even Xim himself, was as vivid as Indrexu, and no other was more argued about. Some scholars contended she was a literary invention of later dramatists; others believe she existed, but argued about her role in Xim's empire and her ultimate fate. To some she was a minor figure, a fixture at Xim's court whose name had endured; to others she was the pivot around which the empire turned, her merest glance the spark that lit the fires of the Cronese Wars, Xim's expansion, and everything thereafter.[1]



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