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Hylo Visz's smuggling contingent was a criminal organization founded and led by the Mirialan smuggler Hylo Visz. Visz had previously worked for the Hutt Cartel, but after a botched smuggling run, she left the Cartel's service and struck out on her own. She formed the smuggling ring during the Great Galactic War, and led it in an unofficial alliance with the Galactic Republic. In 3661 BBY, the Mandalorian warrior clans blockaded the Hydian Way on behalf of the Sith Empire. As the blockade choked commerce in the Core Worlds and stifled the Republic's ability to wage war, prices for raw goods skyrocketed. Seeing the blockade as an opportunity for incredible profit, Visz and her fellow smugglers organized an attack on the Mandalorian forces. After loading freighters with goods collected from across the Outer Rim Territories, the smugglers piloted the ships directly towards the blockade. While distracted by the freighters, the Mandalorians were attacked by the contingent's fleet of small smuggling vessels. With the aid of the Republic Navy, the gambit was successful, and the blockade was broken. Visz was highly rewarded by the Republic for her efforts, and hailed as a hero upon her arrival on Coruscant.



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