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"All personnel are required to support Imperial resource teams engaged in hyperbaride mining operations. Never forget that their work is why we're on this mudball."
―a 224th Imperial Armored Division situation report[src]

Hyperbarides were a type of mineral found on the Circarpous sector planet of Mimban, making it a target of interest to the Galactic Empire due to mining interests. Hyperbarides were mined there through dangerous energy mining techniques,[1] and such operations were supported militarily by the 224th Imperial Armored Division.[2] Highly valuable, hyperbarides were among the substances recommended as profitable cargoes to fellow smugglers by Platt Okeefe in the pirate Maz Kanata's Smuggler's Guide, along with meleenium and durelium.[3]

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Hyperbarides were first mentioned in the 2018 canon reference book Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide, written by Pablo Hidalgo.[1]

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