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Hyperspace skipping,[1] also known as lightspeed skipping, was a technique that could be used to quickly jump to hyperspace in a starship. However, hyperspace skipping was dangerous, and could put undue stress on the ship, as well as place it in a dangerous location when it exited lightspeed.[2]

Driven to a desperate gambit, Tomasso, a high ranking-member of the Spice Runners of Kijimi was forced to hastily teach the technique to the new recruit Poe Dameron as a means of escaping the gang's rivals, the Zualjinn Syndicate. The gamble paid off, resulting in Poe being able to bring the gang's ship Ragged Claw to a crash-landing at their intended destination on the planet Sorgan.[3]

While attempting to escape First Order forces at the Sinta Glacier in the Millennium Falcon, Poe Dameron used hyperspace skipping, traveling through the Megafauna Chasm of the Typhonic Nebula, the Mirror-Spires of Ivexia, and the Crystal Chaos of Cardovyte,[1] before eventually returning to the Resistance base on Ajan Kloss.[2]

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