"We have them tied to the end of a string."
―General Armitage Hux on following the Resistance fleet[src]

A hyperspace tracker was a type of active tracker with the ability to detect starships travelling through hyperspace, a feat not thought possible until the First Order utilized it against the Resistance[2] in 34 ABY.[3]

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The science behind hyperspace tracking was studied by the Tarkin Initiative during the reign of the Galactic Empire,[1] and files about these studies were discovered by Jyn Erso during the Battle of Scarif[4] in 0 BBY.[5] The science was not perfected for several more decades when a team assembled by General Armitage Hux discovered how to implement the technology.[1]

Hyperspace tracking data being analyzed.

Part of the technology used in the hyperspace tracker was a complex static hyperspace field generator, which enveloped arrays of databanks and computers in a localized hyperspace field that accelerated their calculation speeds to unimaginable rates.[1]

Resistance hero Finn and young Flight Engineer Rose Tico attempted to board the Mega-class Star Dreadnought Supremacy and cut off its hyperspace tracker to enable the Resistance fleet to escape. They were helped by a crack codebreaker named DJ who betrayed them and turned them in to the First Order.[2]

Following the disastrous tracking of the Resistance fleet by the First Order, Rose Tico spent many months working under General Leia Organa, developing new technology and techniques to prevent hyperspace tracking.[6]

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