"The GAG thought they had all the best kit, but she had a few devices that could get past them, using older technology, frequencies, and relays they'd never spot. A surveillance system using technology wasn't looking for devices almost as basic as a code flashed with a piece of broken mirror. Tech could be blind."
―Mara musing about the transponder's efficiency[src]

A hyperspace transponder was a device that allowed messages to be sent through hyperspace. Some transponders were built small enough that they became handheld devices. Hyperspace transponders were not always reliable in sending messages.


Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker used at least two hyperspace transponders in her lifetime; one she used as a homing beacon during her time as Emperor's Hand (this transponder was hidden in a vibroblade that she bequeathed to her son and was promptly utilized as a tracking device afterward) and the other she used to track Lumiya after their vicious lightsaber duel on the moon of Hesperidium.



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