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HIMS redirects here. You may be looking for the fanon term meaning "His Imperial Majesty's Ship".
"It's brute-force engineering, and our tests show just how rough a ride it is, but it does get the job done."
―Admiral Hortel Ossilege[src]

The hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer (HIMS) was a system designed to effectively counteract an interdiction field. A gravitic anomaly sensor in the system provided a ship's hyperdrive the ability to quickly shut off, preventing damage from sudden realspace reversion upon encountering a gravity well. At the same time, the HIMS could produce a static hyperspace "bubble", sustaining the ship's presence in hyperspace while accumulated forward momentum propelled the vehicle along. While the HIMS could only keep a ship in hyperspace briefly, it was sufficient to pass through nearly any interdiction field, with the sole exception being the gargantuan field that Centerpoint Station established, covering the entire Corellian sector. In addition, the HIMS could only be used to prevent a ship from being pulled out of hyperspace; a ship in realspace would still be unable to engage its hyperdrive within an interdiction field.

The HIMS was first perfected by Bakuran engineers in the years following the Invasion of Bakura. HIMS saw its first tactical use aboard three Bakura-class destroyers and one Namana-class light cruiser during the Corellian Crisis at the Battle of Centerpoint Station. While the ships were not able to penetrate the interdiction field entirely using the HIMS, it allowed them to penetrate deep within it. This drastically shortened the ships' travel time, and they were able to proceed to their destination at sublight speed. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Galactic Alliance equipped their vessels with the HIMS, as they could cause serious difficulty for dovin basals.

Behind the scenes[]

"HIMS" is sometimes used by fans as a designation for Imperial starships, standing for "His Imperial Majesty's Ship"; however, there is no canonical basis for this.



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