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"Need immediate evac from planet Hypori! Our forces are totally destroyed. Only...only a few of us left. New droid general. He's unstoppable."
―Daakman Barrek requests assistance from Obi-Wan Kenobi — (audio) Listen (file info)[8]

Hypori (pronounced /haɪ'poɹi/) was a planet located in the Hypori system of the Ferra sector in the Outer Rim Territories. It was home to no sentient species, though it was host to windrails and massiffs. Its surface was covered in rocky landscapes and small oceans.

During the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, a battle took place over the planet. In 37 BBY, the Zabrak Darth Maul spent a month on Hypori with no food or water under command from his master, Darth Sidious. Left to face a horde of assassin droids, Maul survived, dueling his master at the end and losing. He gained the admiration of Sidious, however, and was given the title of Sith Lord. After the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, Hypori was transformed into a droid factory world by the Techno Union and Trade Federation, with its purpose being to manufacture battle droids for the upcoming Clone Wars.

After the onset of the Clone Wars, the planet was the site of the Battle of Hypori, during which the Jedi Daakman Barrek, Sha'a Gi, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, K'Kruhk, Tarr Seirr, and Aayla Secura fought against General Grievous and a large army of super battle droids. The Grand Army of the Republic was defeated, and only four of the Jedi survived, rescued by The Muunilinst 10 in their Republic gunship. During the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Hypori came under the control of Tyber Zann and the Zann Consortium after the criminal empire took it from Jabba the Hutt.


Hypori's rocky surface

Hypori was a planet located in the Ferra sector's Hypori system in the Outer Rim Territories,[2] and it shared a name with the star it orbited.[1] It was a temperate world of small oceans and rocky landscapes rich with minerals, and it had a diameter of 13,330 kilometers. Its atmosphere was breathable.[1]

Though the planet was not the homeworld of any sentient species, it was home to non-sentient windrails and massiffs.[1]


Test flight[]

The battle during the Galactic War

During the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, Hypori was the site of a battle[5] that took place in 3639 BBY.[9] The Empire deployed a Harrower-class dreadnought and a complement of several Gage-class transports, three Fury-class Imperial interceptors, and scores of Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighters to attack the Republic's prototype bomber, the Gilded Meteor, on its maiden voyage in the Ferra sector.[5]

In response, the Republic fleet requested reinforcements over Hypori to escort the bomber to safety and provide support for its handful of Thranta-class corvettes there to repel the assailant Imperial forces.[5] The Republic's Coruscant Aegis covert operations squadron[10] responded to the call for help, and backup arrived over Hypori in the form of a lone ship operated by a Republic-aligned hero. Nevertheless, it successfully escorted the Gilded Meteor and destroyed much of the Sith Empire's forces, crippling the Sith dreadnought with proton torpedoes before leaving Hypori along with the Republic corvettes through hyperspace.[5]

Training ground[]

In the last decades of the Republic, Hypori belonged to the Techno Union. Its foreman, Wat Tambor, agreed to supply the planet as a training ground for Damask Holdings and its Echani Sun Guard, providing the necessary battle droids, in exchange for Tambor's seat in the Galactic Senate.[7]

In 54 BBY, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Plagueis trained his apprentice Darth Sidious on Hypori with assassin droids. In 37 BBY, during Darth Maul's training under the command of Darth Sidious, the Nightbrother spent a month on the planet without food or water and with a horde of assassin droids as his opponents. Sidious returned to fight against Maul, easily besting his exhausted, injured apprentice and depriving him of his lightsaber. Enraged, Maul continued to attack Sidious with his fists and teeth. Pleased, Sidious appraised him for passing the final test, and Maul was given the title of Sith Lord, secretly against Darth Plagueis' wishes.[7]

Clone Wars[]

B2 super battle droids on the surface of Hypori

Following the Invasion of Naboo, Hypori and the nearby planet Geonosis were transformed into secret foundry worlds for the Trade Federation, in order to bypass the Republic's new laws strictly regulating the manufacture and distribution of battle droids.[3] The Baktoid Armor Workshop, a subsidiary of the Trade Federation,[11] took ownership of Hypori, with the intention of constructing and maintaining the new droid factories for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The planet appealed to Baktoid due to its abundance of natural minerals and ore, which they planned to use as a source of raw materials for its factories. In addition, Hypori's lack of sentient inhabitants made it much easier for Baktoid to take ownership of the world.[6] As part of their colonization efforts, Baktoid relocated an entire hive of Geonosian workers to Hypori. The Geonosians found that the planet's tough bedrock and soil proved difficult to assimilate into a proper hive-mound, but their workers eventually converted much of the planet into a series of huge underground foundries. The existence of these droid factories was kept secret from the Republic during the lead-up to the Clone Wars.[3]

Shortly after the onset of the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Daakman Barrek and his Padawan, Sha'a Gi, uncovered the Separatist operations on Hypori during an intelligence-gathering mission in the sector. They reported back to the Jedi High Council on Coruscant, which dispatched an elite Jedi and clone trooper strike team to investigate further.[3]

The Jedi battling Grievous

Unfortunately for the Republic forces, the Separatists had not left Hypori defenseless, and had disguised mines seeded in the planet's orbit which crippled much of the task force.[3] With much of the Republic forces destroyed before reaching the surface of Hypori,[6] surviving Jedi—among them Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, K'Kruhk, Tarr Seirr, Sha'a Gi, and Aayla Secura—were ambushed by legions of B2 super battle droids and OG-9 homing spider droids led by the Kaleesh cyborg General Grievous,[12] marking his debut as commander of the Separatist Droid Army[13] to the Jedi[14] in what became known as the Battle of Hypori.[13] The ruined hulk of an Acclamator-class assault ship that had crashed into Hypori's surface became the site of an epic battle between the cyborg and the Jedi. During the battle, Tarr Seirr and Sha'a Gi were killed, and two others were severely wounded. The four[8] surviving Jedi managed to escape with the help of the Advanced Recon Commando unit the Muunilinst 10, led by task force commander Captain Fordo. Having achieved his mission objective though sheer firepower on Hypori, Fordo was awarded the Chancellor's Service Medal, although the clone captain transferred it to CT-43/002, who died a hero at the previous Battle of Muunilinst.[15]

The events on Hypori echoed around the surrounding region, the planet's name being one of several that the young Luke Skywalker, a moisture farmer who lived on the nearby world of Tatooine, came to associate with the Clone Wars years after the conflict's end[16] in 19 BBY.[17]

Though some of the battle droids were destroyed during the rescue attempt, the droid factories on Hypori remained in operation during the war.[12] At least one remained operational after the end of the Clone Wars,[4] after Darth Vader ordered the deactivation of the Separatist droid armies from Mustafar in 19 BBY.[18]

The Zann Consortium[]

"According to data we recovered on Saleucami, Jabba's stumbled across an old battle droid factory on Hypori that somehow survived the Clone Wars."
"The factory is still functional?"
"My sources believe it is. Jabba has been unable to get the factory operational. I want control of it so I can begin manufacturing an invasion army of my own."
―Tyber Zann, to Urai Fen[4]

During the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, Tyber Zann, leader of the criminal empire known as the Zann Consortium, was lured by Jabba the Hutt of the Hutt Cartel to Hypori. Jabba hoped that Zann would destroy the droideka Mark IIs in a droid factory that had been constructed by Geonosians during the Clone Wars, though the Hutt was counting on Zann dying in the process, as the two were enemies. Jabba used data stored on the planet Saleucami, which Zann had recently captured, to tempt Zann with the prospect of building an army. In order to scope out the opportunity, Zann sent his associate, Urai Fen, ahead to gather intel.[4]

Jabba confronts Zann in the droid factory.

After landing on the planet's surface and entering the droid foundry, Zann and Fen proceeded to the droid controls, where they deactivated the remaining droidekas in the facility. They were then captured by the bounty hunter Bossk, but Zann bribed the Trandoshan with triple the payment he was to receive from Jabba. The Hutt then revealed himself, and ordered his minions to kill Zann and all his forces. However, the Consortium managed to capture all landing zones and defeat Jabba's forces, and in the process, Fen reached the droid works and gain control of the facility's droidekas. After the victory over Jabba's forces, Zann agreed to a ceasefire with the Hutts so long as they lifted the bounty on his head and ceased attacking his operations and he promised to avoid interfering in Hutt affairs. Upon their agreement, Hypori came under the control of the Zann Consoritum, and the criminal organization used the planet's technology to continue production of droideka Mark IIs,[4] as well as to construct Crusader-class gunships and droid works and factories on their other worlds.[1] These new droidekas soon began to appear in the hands of mercenary groups and private armies across the galaxy.[19]



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