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"Your tauntaun'll freeze before you reach the first marker!"
Tigran Jamiro, warning Han Solo about the danger of hypothermia[src]

Hypothermia was a condition caused by exposure to extreme cold temperatures that could be fatal if not treated.[1] The condition could be warded off through layered clothing[2] or by using a space heater to generate heat. While species adapted for hot environments like Rodians were particularly suspectible to hypothermia,[3] it could also affect beings native to cold worlds, such as the tauntauns of the planet Hoth. Tauntauns suffering from the ailment displayed distress signals of loud bleating and violently thrashing their heads. In spite of the cold, the internal body cavity of a tauntaun killed by hypothermia was capable retaining heat for some time after death.[1]

Han Solo's tauntaun dies from hypothermia

Han Solo experienced hypothermia in his hands when he spent the night before a coaxium heist[2] in 10 BBY[4] in the Iridium Mountains on Vandor with Tobias Beckett's gang.[2] Years later in 3 ABY,[5] while serving with the Alliance to Restore the Republic at Echo Base on Hoth, Solo rode a tauntaun into a snowstorm to find and rescue the missing Luke Skywalker. During this excursion, his tauntaun collapsed and died[6] from hypothermia because of the cold.[1]

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Hypothermia first appeared in the 1980 movie Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.[6][1] It was first identified in the 2018 novel Most Wanted by Rae Carson.[3]



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