The I'Friil Ma-Nat was a Yuuzhan Vong yorik coral assault craft.


Classified by the New Republic as a corvette analog, the glossy, black vessel measured roughly 315 meters on each side of its roughly pyramid-like shape.

Weapon systems included twenty Yaret-Kors and several dovin basals. The corvette analogs were deployed to support coralskipper units by providing cover against small capital ships in engagements and egress actions.

Although it could carry a crew of 110 as well as 225 warriors and 510 metric tons of cargo, the vessel did not carry any coralskippers. In addition, because its dovin basals were too weak to create an interdiction field, the ship was limited to pursuit and patrol missions when not supporting coralskippers.

Not all Yuuzhan Vong corvette analogs were as large as the standard I'Friil Ma-Nat, however. The Exquisite Death, for instance, was only 122 meters long, with a crew of approximately ninety-eight.



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