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"Hey, I-7. I'm here to see my pal Sevox."

I-7 was a protocol droid belonging to the human Sevox, who had spliced into the droid in order to see after he lost his eyes.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

I-7 was a protocol droid who served the blind human tinkerer Sevox, who operated a junkshop in his bunker near Andelm IV's spaceport. During the Age of the Empire, he was acquainted with a local human girl named Zarro, who knew his master Sevox. After escaping the gangster Jaum's beetle caverns, Zarro and her new Wookiee friend Chewbacca visited Sevox's bunker. Acting as the eyes of the blind Sevox, I-7 led the visitors insider his bunker, startling the old man who feared that the Galactic Empire would find him.

After learning about Zarro and Chewie's mission to stop Jaum's plot to export dedlanite to the Empire, Sevox reluctantly allowed them to use his junkshop. I-7 watched as Chewie rebuilt an old R5 repair droid,[1] which Zarro nicknamed "Boomer". The following day, I-7 accompanied his master and their guests as Zarro drove Sevox's landspeeder to the Andelm IV spaceport. After Sevox received news from Lageose that an Imperial Star Destroyer had entered the Andelm system, I-7 tried to calm his master by suggesting that the Empire would bring optic implants which the latter's body would not reject. He added that he would then be free.[2]

Before Sevox dropped Zarro and Chewie outside the spaceport, he joked that he had been enslaved by his protocol droid. This led I-7 to express bafflement. The protocol droid also listened as Sevox told Zarro to obtain the optics of an Imperial RA-7 protocol droid, which were reputed to be magnificent. In response, I-7 asked his master "really." After telling Zarro that she could use his bunker as a hideout, I-7 drove his master's landspeeder and headed to another safe place to hide from the Empire.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

I-7 was a protocol droid programmed to serve as Sevox's servant. He was covered in gold plating and had two blue sensors. Since Sevox's body rejected optic implants, the droid was remotely linked to his master and served as his "eyes." One of I-7's duties including guarding the entrance to Sevox's bunker[1] and driving his landspeeder. While diligent in serving his master, I-7 found his word tedious and longed to be free of his master. Likewise, Sevox found it frustrating having to depend on the droid and once joked that he was enslaved to the droid. I-7 could speak Galactic Basic but appeared to be unable to understand jokes.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

I-7 first appeared in Gerry Duggan's 2015 Marvel comic story Star Wars: Chewbacca. He was illustrated by Phil Noto.

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