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The I-BEAM Star Fighters were one of the two unique designs of ships used by the Galderian Slave Traders. They resembled smaller B-wings in appearances, although they filled a different role. It was not known who the creators of these fighters were, but they were believed to have been an advanced race, possibly enslaved by the Galderians. The fighter had decent firepower for a ship of its size, as well as excellent maneuverability. The Galderians generally held them aboard the Space ARC Star Cruisers, and they were launched from these ships by tractor beam projectors, rather than taking off like regular starfighters. When in storage, they were stored in groups of 6 (called an A Rack) and, unlike the majority of starfighters, would stay in these groups of 6 as a full squadron. The ships were favored by larger species due to the fact that the cockpit was deceptively large.


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