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The reactor system on board an ISD-I.

The I-a2b solar ionization reactor was a stardrive system developed and produced by Sienar Fleet Systems.[1]


Often described as a "miniature sun", and incorporating one of the largest single hyperspace field generators ever designed, the massive reactor system occupied more than half of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer's interior. Unlike the reactor system on the older Venator-class,[2] the reactor on board Imperial-class vessels was large enough relative to the rest of the ship to protrude with a ventral bulb. It also forced the troop and crew compartments to be located on the upper half of the superstructure.[3]

Like other heavy warships, it was the size of the power-plant which in turn dictated the size of the Imperator-class.[4] Lira Wessex and her team at Kuat Drive Yards designed the rest of the Star Destroyer around the Sienar drive systems.[1] A version of the I-a2b was later adapted for use in the Bakura-class destroyer.[5]

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In Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections, the TIE bomber's reactor is listed as a Sienar Fleet Systems I-a2b solar ionization reactor, despite both the book itself and other sources describing it as this article does; a massive power plant that occupied more than half of an Imperial Star Destroyer's interior. There is no known official explanation for this, and while it is possible that SFS produced multiple sizes of the reactor model, this is a considerable stretch of logic. The far more likely explanation is that the model listed in the TIE Bomber's entry was an error.


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