The I4 Ionizer starfighter was a starfighter deployed by the Galactic Alliance during the Sith–Imperial War and the subsequent Second Imperial Civil War.


Nune-class Imperial shuttle

Two Ionizers disabling a Nune-class shuttle.

The I4 Ionizer was produced by Koensayr Manufacturing, the famed producer of the Rebel Alliance's ubiquitous Y-wing starfighter.[2] The I4's cockpit and main fuselage had several design similarities to the Y-wing, though instead of the Y-wing's engine pods the Ionizer was equipped with a pair of wings. The Ionizer was so named due to its primary armament of quad medium ion cannons. Secondary weapon systems included laser cannons and a pair of wing-mounted disruptor torpedoes. While the hull of the I4 was well armored, it was equipped with only light shielding. This was due to the interference caused by the craft's powerful ion weapons and its shield generator.[1]


The I4 Ionizer was designed to quickly disable enemy vessels with their ion weaponry. A squadron of Ionizers was capable of disabling small freighters in one pass. Larger targets such as capital ships could suffer extensive damage to key systems if they fell prey to attack runs by Ionizers as well. Even more powerful than the fighter's ion cannons was the pair of wing-mounted disruptor torpedoes. Each torpedo carried a powerful ion capacitor that discharged on impact, similar to an ion bomb. The energy produced by a single impact could completely disable a smaller vessel or disable systems near the impact zone when targeted at capital ships.[1]


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