IG-1[1] was the retroactive[3] code name given to the first assassin droid design developed by Phlut Design Systems[1] as part of Project Phlutdroid[3] after the relative success of its IG lancer combat droid.[1] However, the droid was ultimately left unproduced by PDS when the company's assets were seized by the InterGalactic Banking Clan shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars[3] in the year 22 BBY.[4] The assassin droid's unpublished blueprints,[3] along with those of the rest of the IG-series, were later acquired by Holowan Mechanicals[1] and relabeled IGs 1 through 99.[3]

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The IG-1 was first mentioned in The New Essential Guide to Droids, a 2006 Star Wars Legends reference book written by Daniel Wallace.[3]

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