The IG-2000 Expansion Pack is a supplement to the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. The expansion features a detailed miniature of the IG-2000, the personal starship of bounty hunter IG-88. It was released on February 26, 2015 as part of the game's sixth wave of expansions.

Publisher's summary[]

A heavily modified Aggressor assault fighter, IG-2000 was the signature vessel of one of the galaxy's deadliest bounty hunters, the Assassin Droid IG-88. In X-Wing™, the IG-2000 is a powerful, large-base starfighter capable of performing the demanding Segnor's Loop maneuver.

The IG-2000 Expansion Pack brings this ship to your table with one carefully detailed and pre-painted IG-2000 miniature, four ship cards, twelve upgrades, a maneuver dial, and all the tokens you need to hunt down your prey and obliterate it.


The IG-2000 Expansion Pack contains one miniature, plus a maneuver dial and action tokens, as well as pilot and upgrade cards.

Ship components[]

  • IG-2000 miniature
  • Plastic base
  • Plastic peg (2)
  • Ship token (2)
  • Maneuver dial
  • Critical Hit token
  • Focus token
  • Evade token
  • Shield token (4)
  • Target Lock Token (II,JJ)
  • Stress token
  • Ion token (2)
  • Proximity Mine token
  • Seismic Charge token


Pilot cards[]

Upgrade cards[]

  • Autoblaster
  • "Mangler" Cannon
  • Proximity Mines
  • Seismic Charges
  • Accuracy Corrector
  • Dead Man's Switch (2)
  • Feedback Array (2)
  • "Hot Shot" Blaster
  • Inertial Dampeners
  • IG-2000

Reference cards[]

Expansion Pack box art

  • "Segnor's Loop"
  • "Bomb Tokens"

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