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IG-88D was the fourth and last model of the IG-88 droid line. He and IG-88C were sentries on Mechis III after the four droids revolted against their creators.


Early life[]

IG-88D was created on Halowan by the Holowan Mechanicals Company in the Project Phlutdroid. After a droid of identical model called IG-88A, turned against his biological creators. A, then proceeded to activate and copy his programming into the other inactive droid's empty computer cores. A named the other droids by letter and by order of activation, and since he was last to be activated, IG-88A designated him IG-88D. All the assassin droids then continued to escape the laboratories they were created in, with the help of an assassin droid of similar model, called IG-72, who denied the option of joining them on their mission, but would help them escape. They then took a courier and escaped the planet, and set their sights on the foundry world of Mechis III.[3]

Droid Revolution[]

The IG-88's managed to get all of the droids to kill the 73 organic sentients on the planet by slicing into the planet-wide defense grid. They then began reprogramming all the droids on Mechis III, so that they would have sentience programming, and obey their orders. Then they began to manufacture droids with embedded sentience programming, so that when IG-88 transmitted the signal, all the droids they manufactured would turn against their biological masters, thus taking over the galaxy. Thus was the beginning of IG-88's droid rebellion.[3]

IG-88D battles Dash Rendar on Ord Mantell.

With IG-88A impersonating the now-deceased administrator of Mechis III, and IG-88B acting as the bounty hunter "face" of the group, IG-88C and D were left to personally oversee the manufacturing of their plan and act as sentries for Mechis III. Soon after IG-88B was destroyed, C and D attacked Boba Fett en route to Jabba Desilijic Tiure above Tatooine to steal Han Solo's carbonite block in 3 ABY and avenge their lost "brother." C was destroyed by Fett without resistance, and as D was about to attack Fett, he was deceived by the bounty hunter, and the IG-2000 was caught in a barrage of fire and crashed.[3]

IG-88D survived the crash and managed to escape the notice of Boba Fett. He limped off to Ord Mantell in the main salvage plant to salvage whatever ship parts he needed. Before he was able to leave the planet, Dash Rendar tracked him there to get information on Fett's whereabouts. The assassin droid managed to reprogram the plant's line of battle droids to attack Rendar, but he managed to get through on a hover train system. It was IG-88D that revealed to Rendar that Fett was on his way to the Imperial Enclave on Gall. The two had a firefight in the main plant, and IG-88D was ultimately taken out by Dash. The intel received was used to organize the Battle of Gall.

Behind the scenes[]

In the 1997 PC release of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, IG-88D was voiced by Nick Tate.



IG-88D piloting the IG-2000

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