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The IG-series was a line of battle and assassin droids produced by Holowan Laboratories and its subsidiary, Holowan Mechanicals, though some of their components (including the head parts) were in fact of Incom Corporation make.


Assassin droids were illegal for centuries, under the Galactic Republic. After having found success in the last years of the Republic and during the Clone Wars, the designers at Holowan Laboratories believed they would be able to control their overpowered IG-88 assassin droid line, but the programming was faulty.

During the Galactic Civil War, Borvo the Hutt owned several IG assassin droids to defend his vault on Naboo.[1]

There were four IG-88 assassin droids, labeled A, B, C and D, only one of which was loaded with the programming. As the programming was loaded into unit A, it self-replicated itself. As the droid came online, it perceived the scientists as a threat and eliminated them. It then copied its programming into units B, C, and D. The droids killed everyone at the facility and released IG-72, who left the four IG-88 droids to track down and destroy their programmers, as well as their notes to prevent anyone from learning their weaknesses. The droids then went separately into the galaxy to become bounty hunters. Though all were ultimately destroyed when they tried to take Han Solo from Boba Fett, IG-88A transferred its mind into the second Death Star's computer core; this was destroyed in the explosion of that base.


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