IG-88, an IG assassin droid.

"Assassin droids are incredibly dangerous. They're walking armories, complete with integrated concussion grenade launchers and flamethrowers.…Although I've always been quite jealous of their acid-proof servo wires."
CR-8R, on IG-series assassin droids[src]

IG-series assassin droids,[1] also known simply as IG assassin droids,[2] were a line of assassin droids[3] manufactured by Holowan's Laboratories and Mechanicals divisions[2] as part of their wider IG-series of enforcer and security droids.[4] They featured integrated concussion grenade launchers and flamethrowers, as well as acid-proof servo wires.[5] Largely outlawed in the galaxy,[3] models of IG assassin droid included the IG-86 sentinel droid and IG-88 assassin droid.[1] BK-86,[6] IG-11,[3] IG-70,[5] and IG-90 were IG assassin droids.[7]

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