The ILH-KK Citadel-class civilian cruiser was a popular armed transport built by Koensayr during the final years of the Galactic Republic.[1] It was first manufactured some time before the Battle of Naboo.[4]

Citadel Cruiser

A docked Citadel-class cruiser.

The Citadel-class shared some design features with the BTL Y-wing starfighter, which was considered a sister ship.[4] It was extremely sturdy, and could take severe punishment and still get to its destination. It was designed for a group of people who wanted a starship, but could not afford a capital ship.[1]

Due to their sturdy construction, these ships stayed in use for a long time and were transferred to many different owners.[2] They were used as luxury yachts[1] and as warships for the Rebels,[2] freebooters, the Corporate Sector Authority,[2] and pirates.[1] This led to many of them having a jumble of various features; such as smuggling compartments, military add-ons, and luxury furnishings.[2] They had two docking clamps to carry starfighters for additional protection and firepower.[1]

One notable Citadel-class cruiser was The Long Scale, owned by the Trandoshan mercenary Ssorku.[5]



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