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"Ready to heal."
―An IM-6 battlefield medical droid — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

The IM-6 battlefield medical droid was a model of IM-series medical droid manufactured by Cybot Galactica. Widely employed, it was used by the Grand Army of the Republic and was perhaps the most versatile and advanced medical droid of the Clone Wars.


IM-6 medical droid TCWCG

An IM-6 battlefield medical and a DD-13 medical assistant droid operate on a patient

The IM-6 had advanced programming, numerous different tools for various purposes, repulsorlifts for easy maneuverability, internal drug and anesthetic reservoirs and no programming glitches that would cause it to break down in the middle of the most critical stage of an operation.

They were also small enough to be practical to carry on anything from gunships[6][7] to AT-TE walkers to Victory I-class Star Destroyers and were complemented by emergency kits that expanded the droid's abilities even further.

IM-6s were able to zip around on the battlefield, using their nimble repulsorlifts to dodge enemy fire and drag wounded troops back to a position of safety where they could then be healed.

Their small size made them cheap, and many thousands were produced, making them one of the most prolific medical droids of all time. IM-6 units tended to have an eager personality, and tried to make healing and surgery as painless as possible. They usually had a soothing feminine voice with a raspy, synthesized trace.[5]

It shared much of its framework with Cybot Galactica's JN-66 analysis droid, which in turn possessed many of the same components as their less sophisticated PK-series worker droid cousin.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The IM-6 medical droid was voiced by Diane Michelle in the game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns. Like all the "good guys'" medical droids, the IM-6 units were friendly, eager, and focused on minimal pain, in contrast to the sadistic droids of the "bad guys."

The name "IM-6" is a portmanteau on the phrase "I am sick," alluding to the droid's medical capabilities.



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